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Lrc "Evelyn"

"Evelyn" LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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70684 - "Evelyn" [03:30.78] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[00:10.93]All the tables nice and clean
[00:15.08]Evelyn's asleep
[00:18.58]On the grave yard shift again
[00:22.58]Selling gasoline
[00:27.18]And there's kids smoking on south first
[00:31.22]See high-school was just a blur, to her
[00:36.13]And everything just found their place it seemed
[00:43.53] There's an old folk song on the radio
[00:47.89]Sounding thin and dark and haunted
[00:51.90]Theres a bag of weed in the back beneath the books
[01:00.39]And she can't stand the sight of this cul-de-sac
[01:04.39]Like an old crow, king of the lamp-post
[01:08.63]And this window hasn't been this clean since it last rained
[01:21.39]Well, she pictures up a different day
[01:25.39]Driving west to east L.A.
[01:29.63]And there ain't no sign of a dime, but hey
[01:33.89]Anyone can dream, anyone can dream
[01:42.53]And all the college girls come in when the bars let out and they're hungry
[01:51.18]Making such a mess, Evelyn just talks trash, as she's sweeping up
[02:00.94] There's a thin dark cloud in the evening air
[02:04.94]After every sunny day
[02:09.20]There's a bum who lives in the parking lot
[02:13.44]Wash the windows just to say
[02:17.54]Just to say
[02:57.85]All the tables nice and clean
[03:02.11]Evelyn's asleep
[03:05.60]On the grave yard shift again
[03:09.34]Selling gasoline
[03:13.93]Selling gasoline