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Lrc [KAIBA OST] Never (FULL) - Seira Kagami

[KAIBA OST] Never (FULL) - Seira Kagami LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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80229 - [KAIBA OST] Never (FULL) - Seira Kagami [04:56.25] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:36.59]Eyes still closed
[00:40.06]Sunshine showed
[00:43.42]Through the curtains and the noise
[00:50.35]I awoke to your voice
[00:57.21]Thinking you'll be by my side
[01:05.07]You and I lay close in heart
[01:11.92]Please save us from being apart
[01:18.80]Time ran too fast to feel
[01:24.07]your warmth and love
[01:30.39]Never too long or harsh
[01:36.49]Always, Beside you
[01:39.53]that's all I wished for
[01:44.35]Never too sad or hard
[01:50.25]Can't bear, loosing, my everything
[02:12.55]Walking down flight of stairs
[02:19.51]Leaving path of footsteps
[02:26.26]Sitting down on a chair
[02:32.96]Leaving shadow to share
[02:41.32]Standing still with nothing new
[02:47.88]Staring down at my shoe in tears
[02:54.95]Want to follow what you left behind for me?
[03:06.37]Never too short or cold
[03:12.55]Always, Beside you
[03:15.64]That's all I wished for
[03:20.44]Never too sad or hard
[03:26.62]Apart from today, you have gone away
[04:08.64]Never too long or harsh
[04:14.75]Always, Beside you
[04:18.01]that's all I wished for
[04:22.39]Never too sad or hard
[04:28.07]Can't bear, loosing, my everything