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Lrc ☪_死ぬとき死ねばいい_/歌ってみた。

☪_死ぬとき死ねばいい_/歌ってみた。 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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53369 - ☪_死ぬとき死ねばいい_/歌ってみた。 [05:48.79] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:09.78]☪ 死ぬとき死ねばいい /歌ってみた。

[00:43.77]People die someday, That’s the only thought running rampant in my head
[00:46.77]Festering and turning into mould, but
[00:50.01]This time, I chose a magic medicine
[00:53.01]Lust and hunger and sleep and wealth

[00:56.29]Things like hatred, I’ve forgotten them all
[00:59.28]Things like sorrow, I’ve thrown them all away
[01:02.26]I still have hazy memories left, but
[01:05.51]I’ve already become an adult

[01:08.76]Living, in itself,
[01:11.02]has meaning
[01:15.01]And when I finally die,
[01:18.01]I should die, right?

[01:21.29]Working myself to death, earning money,
[01:22.76]The past has been forgiven, but
[01:24.52]As we proceed on our paths of life
[01:27.26]We’re full of bewilderment at our budding common sense

[01:33.52]The rain has passed, the days are dry
[01:35.51]In all of them, you’re there
[01:37.02]The flowers bloomed
[01:43.01]And the beast are on their way.

[01:59.02]At the start of summer,
[02:01.77]The unfinished spiderwebs come together
[02:05.00]I remember the smell of grass we touched together with our hands.
[02:11.26]At the end of summer,
[02:14.29]I remember being on the verge of death,
[02:19.76]I sneezed into your skin.

[02:24.25]After work, while drinking a beer,
[02:26.02]The grand finale of the movie dyes the night
[02:31.29]I get along pretty well with my friends.
[02:31.76]The underside of those dried-up days resounds.

[02:32.76]Hey, no matter what please don't hate me
[02:34.51]That smell will always tickle my nose
[02:35.99]I'm living in the present.
[02:36.55]You have already died.

[02:37.03]The proof that you lived is dancing in these mirages
[02:39.51]On the day the meaning passes away
[02:42.52]To is who have attempted to finish this life
[02:45.51]In the end, we can't think of this as anything besides a living hell.

[02:48.78]What is justice?
[02:50.51]What is morals?
[02:52.02]As the days pass by
[02:55.04]The beasts do not notice that ther are the now the leading side

[03:26.27]Goodbye now;
[03:27.78]There's something I yearn for
[03:29.26]My body is stained in humanity
[03:32.51]Besides, i won't forget your words

[03:37.51]"The five letters in HAPPY don't exist,
[03:42.01]Nothing matters now that It's like this."

[03:48.54]What con you do with love?
[03:50.02]What can you do with dreams?
[03:51.78]Can they turn into gold?
[03:54.53]As we proceed to our paths of life,
[03:57.52]We weigh justice and growth on the scales.

[04:00.77]No matter how we forget, no matter how many times we lament
[04:05.25]The past is an endless cycle, so
[04:08.29]I'll die when it's time
[04:10.28]But right now, I want to live

[04:17.03]Like a human,
[04:19.53]Like a human.
[04:24.01]If I don' think like that,
[04:25.01]I can' t move forward!