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Lrc からくりピエロ by Soraru

からくりピエロ - Soraru LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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53373 - からくりピエロ by Soraru [04:58.45] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:13.79]I stayed here all alone
[00:17.30]As time was passing on
[00:20.79]A simple, little date
[00:23.32]And that is what I'll say we're on

[00:27.32]The people close to town
[00:30.54]The gentle, floating clouds
[00:33.58]They share a laugh as I sit
[00:36.04]Waiting all day long

[00:39.05]A really simple formula
[00:42.05]That I don't understand at all
[00:45.29]The ticking of the clock
[00:48.29]is rushing like my heart is going to stop
[00:52.08]To really, truly comprehend
[00:55.06]I have attempted, but I can't
[00:58.56]To think that in your eyes
[01:00.04]You really see me as
[01:01.29]A clown to just be made fun of

[01:04.82]Ah, as I spin
[01:07.04]As I spin
[01:08.80]As I spin
[01:10.56]Until I just
[01:11.28]Ah, can't breathe in
[01:13.81]Can't breathe in
[01:18.30]This is the end
[01:19.05]Guess this is it
[01:20.80]Sorry fate has got me hit
[01:22.82]And now I can't go on going
[01:25.54]Knowing you'll never see this

[01:44.04]The Earth goes on a trip
[01:47.04]I go along with it
[01:50.05]An empty, thoughtless thing
[01:52.54]I'm prone to just following
[01:56.57]And merely for a sec
[01:59.79]Before I lose my step
[02:03.54]I only stand about
[02:05.06]Without making any sound

[02:08.81]I didn't mean for this to be
[02:11.81]A bit of luck and suddenly
[02:15.05]I came to find that all this time
[02:18.04]I didn't need to see the light
[02:21.79]Your hand is reaching out for me
[02:24.56]Your warming touch is all I need
[02:28.04]And just a little smile
[02:29.31]Would make it all worthwhile
[02:31.04]And yet they always cause a little tear in my heart

[02:47.04]Ah, as I spin
[02:49.56]As I spin
[02:51.04]As I spin
[02:52.57]Until I just
[03:00.04]Ah, can't breathe in
[03:02.03]Can't breathe in
[03:04.05]Can't breathe in
[03:05.31]I'm giving in

[03:12.79]Ah, I can change
[03:15.05]I will change
[03:16.80]Here's the chance
[03:19.05]But I don't know
[03:21.55]Ah, I'm just scared
[03:23.54]What can I do?

[03:25.55]I'm stopping now
[03:28.29]I have vowed
[03:29.79]To stay here patiently but
[03:32.80]You're the only reason
[03:35.55]I'll never make it on my own

[03:38.54]Ah, as I spin
[03:40.53]As I spin
[03:42.54]As I spin
[03:44.06]Until I just
[03:44.80]Ah, can't breathe in
[03:47.31]Can't breathe in
[03:48.79]I'm giving in

[03:51.54]Yes, I'm the clown
[03:55.32]I'm the joke you've always known me as, so
[03:58.55]While I'm your puppet, would you kindly
[04:02.32]Please play with me again