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Lrc ウォルピスカーター MV 泥中に咲く by Walpis Kater

ウォルピスカーター MV 泥中に咲く - Walpis Kater LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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41461 - ウォルピスカーター MV 泥中に咲く by Walpis Kater [04:50.95] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[ti:ウォルピスカーター MV 泥中に咲く]
[ar:Walpis Kater]
[00:0.00]ウォルピスカーター - Blooming in the Mud 泥中に咲く (English lyrics)
[00:27.00]Unable to filter the pieces of our broken hearts,
[00:33.00]our tears gently dried up,
[00:38.00]unable to shed another drop.
[00:44.00]“That's funny, isn't it?” we laugh...
[00:50.00]A difficult life, maze-like brambles that obstruct you.
[00:55.00]The darkness of this corrupt world blocks your path.
[00:58.00]You’re someone who’s more depressed than anyone else.
[01:01.00]So, right now, we’re probably on the verge of drowning
[01:07.00]saved by breathing correctly
[01:10.00]now, we simply live for the sake of dying someday.
[01:24.00]When we realise why we dislike rain
[01:30.00]deep down, we remember
[01:35.00]that large soap bubbles
[01:40.00]must be really soft and fluffy.
[01:47.00]While looking at every colors on the ground
[01:49.00]we make sure to walk where there are no puddles.
[01:52.00]Surely, you too, would resort to self-defence
[01:55.00]if you could avoid a difficult path.
[01:58.00]Right now, I am human; today, tomorrow too, and the day after that
[02:03.00]it's enough to admit it,
[02:06.00]everyone takes in different breaths.
[02:09.00]But you too are human,
[02:11.00]you just hate being one, that's all.
[02:15.00]But you can't hate it, because you're a kind person, you're that someone who would pray for just about anyone.
[02:32.00]It takes, for a single blossom to scatter,
[02:34.00]water, earth, sunlight and its own seed
[02:38.00]Whatever lies right in front of me,
[02:40.00]its meaning, past and future,
[02:43.00]if a single one of those were missing, nothing would be born: not me, not you, and neither that person.
[02:49.00]“It’s nothing” - I say as I burden you with my past.
[02:54.00]Destiny getting in your way.
[03:0.00]is a misunderstanding. You reap what you sow.
[03:05.00]But because this situation is unpleasant,
[03:11.00]you want to run away, right?
[03:14.00]You want to live, right?
[03:19.00]If there is a moment when you feel like throwing yourself,
[03:25.00]cleave through the darkness of this world, and let us search for the reason you were born.
[03:31.00]The beginning at the end, once it begins, it will be your final life,
[03:36.00]at the end of an endless journey, there must be a “time” where it’s now or never.
[03:43.00]“It’s impossible to drown in the rain”,
[03:48.00]even so, it feels like it’s hard to breathe.
[03:54.00]“We live for the sake of dying someday”,
[03:59.00]if that is so, if that is so,
[04:04.00]we'll never break again. Never. Never. Never
[04:07.00]Let the unbroken bells of our hearts resound
[04:10.00]everything will be covered by dark clouds and smeared with mud.
[04:16.00]Let us draw a line inside the maze that obstructs the path of the world now.
[04:22.00]This line will be the overlapping map:
[04:25.00]the flower that blooms for the sake of illuminating you.