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Lrc 完美的互動-王力宏-原唱

完美的互動-王力宏-原唱 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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10873 - 完美的互動-王力宏-原唱 [03:57.05] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[00:02.68]And now for the moment
[00:04.31]you have all been waiting for
[00:06.31]In the red corner
[00:08.06]Miss Lim Jeonghee
[00:11.56]And in the blue corner
[00:13.22]Mr. RAIN
[00:15.72]Now we'll MC see for tonight
[00:18.22]黃綠紅 Let's go
[00:35.72]水土不服 言語不通
[00:40.87]這一次見面 照我的規矩
[00:43.61]你沒興趣 我不相信
[00:48.86]So come on everybody
[00:49.86]give me something
[00:50.61]to dance for
[00:51.62]嘿 嘿 吼 吼
[01:01.51]嘿 嘿 吼 吼
[01:14.76]Oh yeah
[01:16.25]Here comes round 2.
[01:18.75]Hey yo, Rain,
[01:20.16]what you gotta say?
[01:21.40]Rain:정말 자신 인겠지
[01:28.65]빼는건 아니겠 지
[01:31.30]I will show you
[01:32.54]what I've got,
[01:41.29]這一次見面 照我的規矩
[01:44.05]你沒興趣 我不相信
[01:49.04]So come on everybody
[01:50.55]give me something
[01:51.29]to dance for
[01:52.04]嘿 嘿 吼 吼
[02:02.29]嘿 嘿 吼 吼
[02:13.79]listen to what I say
[02:16.29]Lim: Don't fight for
[02:17.29]nothing important!
[02:19.04]don't be a VIP left out
[02:26.29]더좋은 노래를위해
[02:32.79]嘿 嘿 吼 吼
[02:42.54]嘿 嘿 吼 吼
[02:52.79]嘿 嘿 吼 吼
[03:02.79]嘿 嘿 吼 吼
[03:16.30]Thank you all so much
[03:19.29]Take a moment
[03:19.68]for some shout outs
[03:21.07]this joint was brought to you by
[03:22.58]Homeboy productions
[03:27.22]Hitman Bang
[03:31.36]you are the man,
[03:33.11]JYP, SONY BMG, RAIN
[03:40.36]Lim Jeonghee
[03:42.86]I want to thank you all
[03:45.36]you are so special, saranghae.