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Lrc 小鱼 Draft 02_1

小鱼 Draft 02_1 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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871 - 小鱼 Draft 02_1 [02:27.00] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[00:04.91]Prod by raypete
[00:05.90]Mixed by HanSolo
[00:30.66](lets get it)
[00:33.65]baby 别说话
[00:35.40]imma feeling it in your touch
[00:38.15]这里有你就快活 他们都逊色
[00:41.16]you hold the key to my heart
[00:43.66]come into my spot
[00:46.16]and boy you know what you got
[00:50.65]your smile like a quicksand im falling hard
[00:54.65]if you
[00:55.65]really get tired of these
[00:57.14]to you
[00:58.15]got the drama to deal with
[01:00.15]tell me you want me and I m about to make a move
[01:05.15]come through
[01:06.15]you got so much more to choose
[01:07.90]the true
[01:08.90]im the colddest queen here only
[01:10.65]for you you
[01:16.15]won't you stay the night
[01:18.65]baby youre so fine
[01:26.65]won't you hold me tight
[01:29.15]we'll get in cloud9
[01:32.65]24/7 imma stay all right
[01:37.40]won't stay the night oh oh
[01:42.42]baby you‘re so fine oh oh
[01:48.17]won't you hold me tight oh oh
[01:53.67]24/7 imma stay alright