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Lrc 独りんぼエンヴィー (Hitorinbo Envy) by 初音ミク

独りんぼエンヴィー (Hitorinbo Envy) - 初音ミク LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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101034 - 独りんぼエンヴィー (Hitorinbo Envy) by 初音ミク [03:33.02] 11 months ago
by Guest
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[ti:独りんぼエンヴィー (Hitorinbo Envy)]
[00:22.93]悪戯は知らん顔で Pulling pranks with a straight face,
[00:26.44]言い訳は涙を使って Using tears while making my excuses
[00:30.19]寂しいな遊びたいな I wanna play around
[00:32.94]蜂蜜みたいにどろどろ Syrupy like honey
[00:37.69]あなたにも あなたにも To you, and even you
[00:40.99]私はさ 必要ないでしょ To be blunt, I'm not really needed
[00:44.74]世の中に けんもほろろ In this world, right?
[00:47.49]楽しそうな お祭りね That festival seems pretty fun
[00:51.24]さあ Come on
[00:51.59]あんよ あんよ こっちおいで Walk, walk, come over here
[00:55.09]手を叩いて 歩け らったった Clap your hands and walk, rattatta
[00:58.34]嫌んよ 嫌んよ そっぽ向いて That’s enough, I’m tired, go away
[01:01.83]今日も私は悪い子 要らん子 Today too, I’m a bad child, an unwanted child
[01:15.63]夢見ては極彩色 I dreamed of rich colors
[01:19.12]覚めて見るドス黒い両手 But when I wake up, all I see are my two black hands
[01:22.62]私だけ劈く Only I’m being torn apart
[01:25.86]楽しそうな歌声ね That voice sounds so happy as it sings
[01:29.26]さあ Come on
[01:29.37]今夜今夜 あの場所へ Tonight, tonight, at that place
[01:33.13]皆で行こう 走れ らったった Everyone, let’s go, hurry! Rattatta
[01:36.62]良いな良いな 羨めば That’s good, that’s great, if you feel envious
[01:40.45]楽しく踊る気ままな知らぬ子 A carefree child dances happily, unknowing.
[02:15.48]いちにのさんしでかくれんぼ One, two, three and four, let’s play hide and seek
[02:18.74]ひろくんはるちゃんみつけた Hiro-kun, Haru-chan, I found you
[02:22.23]いきをきらしてはおにごっこ Out of breath, we play a game of tag
[02:26.23]きみにつかまっちゃった And I was caught by you.
[02:31.23]さあ Come on
[02:31.58]あんよ あんよ こっちおいで Walk, walk, come over here
[02:35.06]手を叩いて 歩け らったった Clap your hands and walk, rattatta
[02:38.31]震える一歩 踏み出して Taking a trembling step forward,
[02:42.31]独りにばいばい Alone, I say; “Bye bye”
[02:45.71]ねぇ Hey
[02:46.22]愛よ 愛よ こっちおいで Love, love, come over here
[02:48.71]手を開いて 触れる あっちっち With open hands, I touch it--ouch!
[02:52.18]良いの?良いの?目を明けた Is it all right? Is it fine? I open my eyes
[02:55.93]今日も明日もみんなと遊ぼう Today and even tomorrow, let's all play together