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Lrc 01 - A Feeling

01 - A Feeling LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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21931 - 01 - A Feeling [02:12.41] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[00:00.21]It all started with a feeling
[00:05.69]It all started with a feeling
[00:09.84]She loving on me, but I'm loving this weather
[00:13.20]Cali got heat, but her body's hot as ever
[00:16.58]Yo, I got what I need, cold beer, nothing better
[00:19.20]I'll keep doing me, margaritas in the blender
[00:21.78]Her body's so tender, body so slender
[00:24.92]Know that I'ma bend her, never say never
[00:27.76]I'ma go get her and I just met her
[00:30.91]Baby, there's no pressure, just pleasure, yeah
[00:33.50]She got a body like a diamond, it's one of a kind, man
[00:36.64]Fourth of July, damn, summer time fine, yeah
[00:39.49]Wanna make her mine, yeah, bikini tan lines, yeah
[00:42.59]Shines like a dime and she nine outta nine, yeah
[00:45.22]I could give a damn what you say, yeah I'm living my way
[00:48.61]Cold beers and a babe, I'll stay out of the shade
[00:51.72]I just live for today, like a kid, I'ma play
[00:54.32]Let's get lit, let's get laid, let's get big, let's get paid, yeah
[00:57.47]It all started with a feeling
[01:03.44]It all started with a feeling
[01:08.64]It all started with a feeling
[01:14.90]It all started with a feeling
[01:20.08]Living out in Hollywood, yeah, man, I feel good, yeah
[01:23.20]So misunderstood, 'cause we're young and we're crooked
[01:26.08]Everybody's hooked, yeah, everybody's shook, yeah
[01:28.95]Do it by the book? No, we do it like we should, yeah
[01:31.82]Young and we're free, ain't nobody stoppin' me
[01:34.41]I'ma drink two or three, maybe more, yeah, we'll see
[01:37.54]'cause it's just what I need, alcohol and the beach
[01:40.15]Got the sand on my feet and the girls in the heat, yeah
[01:43.76]She's so bubbly, she likes country
[01:46.59]Said I like money, now she thinks I'm funny
[01:49.47]Baby girl, it's sunny, addicted to your honey
[01:52.34]You know I'm always runnin', so baby, are you comin'?
[01:55.19]And I know, I know, that I move quickly
[01:58.09]So let's go, let's go, baby come with me
[02:01.43]I'll grab a bottle and a shot of that whiskey
[02:04.04]And we can drink till the sunset's dizzy
[02:07.11](It all started with a feeling)