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Lrc 01 - Fight

01 - Fight LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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22076 - 01 - Fight [03:07.22] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[00:16.34]I will not sit up in the nose bleeds
[00:19.18]I will not stop until they know me
[00:22.27]I want you all to listen closely
[00:25.13]Before I mother fuckin proceed
[00:28.75]Yeah, when you're grinding on the low key
[00:31.09]And they're complacent with their low needs
[00:34.48]Don't ever stall, just keep on going
[00:37.06]You keep on working, keep on growing
[00:43.02]I've never felt so alive
[00:46.11]Keep working until I die
[00:48.99]I know what I want in life
[00:51.82]And I'm gonna fight, I'll fight
[01:39.88]Oh no I never feel complacent
[01:43.01]Only got so much time don't waste it
[01:46.40]And know that you cannot contain this
[01:49.24]Cause if I want it then I'll gain it
[01:52.10]No I don't wanna hear complaints bitch
[01:55.24]I'm sick of hearing all the same shit
[01:58.10]You really want it, then go take it
[02:01.23]You really want it, then go make it