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Lrc 01 - Life

01 - Life LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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22302 - 01 - Life [02:08.50] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[00:07.27]Yeah, yeah, let's go
[00:09.89]I ain't the first with the curse, with the thirst
[00:11.97]That I wanna be better, not worse, man, it hurts
[00:14.34]I'm on this earth with my words
[00:16.18]And I put 'em all together, insert, 'cause I wanna have worth
[00:19.35]Working hella hard, till they put me in the dirt
[00:21.45]Gonna go far, man, listen to my words
[00:24.07]Gonna be a star, man, life's like a blur
[00:26.23]When you're working this hard, yeah, you get what you deserve (Let's go)
[00:28.87]Yeah, I ain't taking a back seat
[00:30.44]I'm passing anybody else who is rapping
[00:32.77]I'm nasty, ain't nobody able to catch me
[00:35.39]They gasping, they cannot compare, they can't match me
[00:37.67]I'm at half speed, I got your girl and she laughing
[00:40.06]And dancing, hanging on my what? She asking to crash with me
[00:43.44]Smash with me, she savagely
[00:44.95]Wants cash money and she knows that I live lavishly, uh
[00:48.57]I wanna live
[00:50.58]I'm cold inside
[00:52.94]Give all I have
[00:55.58]Just to feel alive
[00:57.94]I fight to live
[01:00.29]I fight to strive
[01:02.90]One day I'll have
[01:05.03]What I want in life
[01:06.31]I want the whole world in the palm of my hand, I got a plan
[01:08.68]I'm the man, now I'm teaching the game, a veteran, better than
[01:11.98]Anybody else who test me
[01:13.82]I'm ready, looking at my hand and it's steady
[01:16.46]I'm trending, ascending and blending
[01:18.81]Lyrical bending, now I'm spreading and getting
[01:20.94]My name out now, yeah, they hearing me loud
[01:23.29]All the crowds rapping the sound, I'm hitting the ground
[01:25.64]Running, up and coming, ain't nothing, yeah
[01:28.52]Rookie of the year, I'ma keep it one hundred
[01:30.88]Cold blooded, no budget, from nothing
[01:33.51]To something, nah, I ain't bluffing
[01:35.62]I got a full hand and a full plan
[01:38.00]I ain't gonna stop till I'm at the top, man
[01:40.37]Every single drop got me feeling awesome
[01:42.70]I'm about to pop, started from the bottom, yeah
[01:46.12]I wanna live
[01:48.74]I'm cold inside
[01:50.81]Give all I have
[01:53.15]Just to feel alive
[01:55.75]I fight to live
[01:58.12]I fight to strive
[02:00.49]One day I'll have
[02:02.60]What I want in life