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Lrc 01 - Light It Up

01 - Light It Up LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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22968 - 01 - Light It Up [03:37.44] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[00:23.50]Oh yeah you fucking with NEFFEX!!
[00:25.66]So are you ready for the best?
[00:28.65]Said are you ready for the best?
[00:32.13]Let's go!
[00:33.64]Yea I said I got this, I'm in it
[00:36.39]I'm hella filthy so I got this I'm winning
[00:39.15]I'm not a quitter so I'm not fucking quitting
[00:41.90]Just try to stop me and you'll drop dead missing
[00:45.16]I'm on my way to the top, now listen
[00:47.91]I ain't ever gonna stop, too driven
[00:50.67]I ain't ever getting lost, got vision
[00:53.42]I'ma make this shit hot, ignition
[00:56.61]Yo give me facts, not fiction
[00:58.85]Then you know I'll fucking listen
[00:59.85]'Cause I'm on a fucking mission
[01:01.61]Man you got to be driven
[01:02.86]'Cause this world is unforgiving
[01:04.11]You're the only one that's winning
[01:05.61]Or the only one that's quitting
[01:07.12]So get up and stay committed
[01:08.37]Don't be asking for permission
[01:09.62]Hit the gas after ignition
[01:11.12]And start acting like you're winning
[01:12.63]Make your own damn decisions
[01:14.13]Don't let others make you victims
[01:15.38]Have a thought and have a vision
[01:16.89]Don't get caught up in the millions
[01:19.89]Yeah I'ma make this shit hot!
[01:22.40]Oh I'ma light this shit up
[01:24.90]Yeah I'ma make this shit hot!
[01:27.91]Oh I'ma light this shit up
[01:38.18]L-l-l-light this shit up
[01:51.08]Let's go
[01:53.61]I said I got this, I'm on it
[01:55.61]Give me 5 years and I got what I wanted
[01:58.12]I'ma go ahead and finish all that I started
[02:01.12]I'ma go ahead and get it all uncharted
[02:03.91]I can make this place go off like a rocket
[02:06.64]I could give a fuck if you hate it or you love it
[02:09.39]I don't do this shit 'cause I think that you're on it
[02:12.15]I just do this shit 'cause I know that I want it
[02:15.16]I could give a fuck if I die today
[02:17.91]If I'ma go out, it's my fucking way
[02:20.67]At least I'll go out with some pride to my name
[02:23.17]With a fight, not a pray, that's my fucking way
[02:26.43]Y'all can sit back and think you heard the best of me
[02:29.44]I can guarantee that you haven't seen the rest of me
[02:32.19]I can guarantee that this shit's gon' be my destiny
[02:34.69]And I will never sleep 'til I make it then I'll rest in peace
[02:57.75]L-l-l-light this shit up
[03:16.03]You fucking with the best
[03:19.04]You fucking with NEFFEX
[03:26.06]I don't even know what else to say
[03:29.06]I'ma let that wave ride out though