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Lrc 01. Re:birth day

01. Re:birth day LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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1970 - 01. Re:birth day [04:25.95] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[00:28.53]掻きむしる胸 ずっと苦しくて
[01:17.12]たおやかな絆は そう、
[01:22.17]Be light…{×4}柔らかくて
[01:27.87]Be light…{×4}暖かいの
[01:36.40]此処で成し遂げてゆく 未来
[01:59.68]勝手な私 もっと思い知る
[02:06.78]弱さを選び 目を閉じる
[02:55.31]I know…{×4}抱えたもの
[03:00.80]I know…{×4}手放せない
[03:19.14]Ride on…{×4}赤裸々でも
[03:24.88]Ride on…{×4}積み重ねる
[03:55.96]此処で成し遂げてゆく 未来