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Lrc 01

01 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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81260 - 01 [05:34.60] 4 months ago
by Guest
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[00:00.01] Lesson 1
[00:02.38]Section 1
[00:06.00]Dialogue 1:
[00:10.23]—Hello, I want a cab.
[00:13.86]—OK. What address is it?
[00:16.36]—1120 East 32nd Street.
[00:19.26]—Right. The cab will be there in a few minutes.
[00:23.12]Dialogue 2:
[00:26.64]—What's your job?
[00:28.02]—I'm an accountant.
[00:29.28]—Oh! Do you enjoy it?
[00:31.15]—No. I don't really like it. It's boring.
[00:35.66]Dialogue 3:
[00:40.92]—Where do you come from?
[00:43.66]—Oh! Which part?
[00:48.18]Dialogue 4:
[00:52.32]—Can you speak German?
[00:54.21]—Yes, I can. I speak it very well.
[00:56.58]—Where did you learn it?
[00:57.59]—I lived in Germany when I was a child.
[00:59.83]—What else can you speak?
[01:01.46]—Well, I know a little Italian.
[01:05.10]Dialogue 5:
[01:09.71]—I think a businessman should be good-looking.
[01:12.70]—No, I don't agree.
[01:17.21]Dialogue 6:
[01:22.83]—Would you like a drink?
[01:24.72]—No, thank you. I don't drink.
[01:25.83]—Are you sure?
[01:26.94]—Yes. I'm quite sure. Thank you very much.
[01:29.21]—What about a soft drink then?
[01:30.84]—Oh, alright. Lemonade would be fine.
[01:33.95]Dialogue 7:
[01:39.22]—Thank you very much for the meal.
[01:40.98]—Not at all. I'm glad you could come.
[01:43.10]—You must come and have a meal with me some time.
[01:45.36]—Yes. That would be nice.
[01:49.48]Dialogue 8:
[01:52.96]—Have you heard about the Prime Minister? —No.
[01:55.58]—She's gone to China!
[01:59.47]Dialogue 9:
[02:04.85]—How do you spell interesting?
[02:11.86]—Thank you very much.
[02:15.37]Dialogue 10:
[02:18.99]—Would you mind passing the salt, please?
[02:23.75]Section 2
[02:25.75]A. Discussion.
[02:29.24]Tim talked to Harry about the lecture.
[02:32.85]Harry: What did you think of the lecture?
[02:34.72]Tim: I thought it was very interesting.
[02:36.85]Harry: Did you really?
[02:37.73]Tim: Yes, didn't you?
[02:39.74]Harry: Certainly not. I thought he talked a lot of rubbish.
[02:42.98]Tim: So you think you know more than he does.
[02:45.36]Harry: Well, take coal for instance.
[02:47.74]Tim: What about it?
[02:48.97]Harry: Coal won't become important again.
[02:50.97]Tim: Why not?
[02:51.73]Harry: It's too dirty. They won't be able to find people to work down coal mines in the future.
[02:57.23]Tim: They'll invent new kinds of machinery.
[02:59.61]Harry: Nonsense. The only sort of power they'll use in the future is atomic power.
[03:07.49]B. Interview.
[03:13.36]A reporter from a local newspaper is interviewing some students on the subject of students and money.
[03:20.98]Reporter: Excuse me. Are you a student?
[03:23.35]Student 1: Yes, I am.
[03:24.85]Reporter: Forgive my asking you, but do you have to take a part-time job in the ho1idays?
[03:29.72]Student 1: Not really. My parents are fairly well off so I get an allowance from my father.
[03:35.10]Reporter: You're lucky, aren't you?
[03:36.98]Student 1: I suppose so.
[03:38.34]Reporter: What about you? Are your parents wealthy?
[03:41.98]Student 2: No, certainly not.
[03:43.61]Reporter: Do you work during the holidays?
[03:45.85]Student 2: Well, last Christmas I did two weeks as temporary postman,
[03:49.73] then in the summer I spent four weeks fruit picking,
[03:52.86] and I do a bit of baby-sitting,
[03:54.88] so I manage. Reporter: Thank you.
[04:00.25]Section 3
[04:03.62]Dictation 1:
[04:08.37]My name is Robert.
[04:12.50]I am eighteen years old and I am French.
[04:20.25]I am not married.
[04:25.38]Sylvia is small and fair.
[04:30.50]She is seventeen and she is a student.
[04:37.88]Dictation 2:
[04:42.51]The tall boy with fair hair is eighteen years old and he comes from Sweden.
[04:57.14]He works in a record shop.
[05:01.89]The small boy with dark hair is seventeen.
[05:12.64]He is Spanish,
[05:18.15]but he does not live in Spain.
[05:23.26]He lives in France. He works in a hotel.