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Lrc 03. Iidiibii ~Tonde hi Niiru Natsu no Kimi~

03. Iidiibii ~Tonde hi Niiru Natsu no Kimi~ LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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1805 - 03. Iidiibii ~Tonde hi Niiru Natsu no Kimi~ [02:58.70] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[00:14.89]Well I hope you don't mind
[00:15.89]Cuz nothing's really all right
[00:17.14]The Demo's you're doing's
[00:17.90]Nothing better than mosquitoes
[00:19.14]Now du-wala-du is what you have to listen to
[00:21.65]Please be neat and be an E.T
[00:23.64]This agitation is a noble invitation
[00:25.14]Patients never gives me a question to
[00:26.91]This infernal question now you
[00:28.89]It's you who's gonna say that is through to
[00:30.15]Mr.Priminisiter go sister no sister now go go go
[00:41.14]東と西の次は 北と南なんです
[00:49.89]閉じてたはずの目も うまい具合に開いていて
[00:54.40]It's overloaded and highly wounded but chain reacted
[00:57.39]And this must be my life
[00:59.65]I wonder if I should die
[01:03.14]It's highly practiced and over reacted
[01:05.04]And totally retarded that's our life
[01:08.30]I wonder if I should lie
[01:20.79]Sing along with a Donkey Kong
[01:22.56]With a little bit of funky dancing' man
[01:24.54]Yes I do, well I do like Humpty Dumpty
[01:27.04]E.D.P's gonna love this one
[01:31.30]Up and hop and shut'en up and dance
[01:46.56]It's overborded and surly effected
[01:48.80]I really hated but this must be my life
[01:51.79]I wonder if I should smile
[01:55.30]尖る声は己が胸に 揺れる意志は友と共に
[02:05.29]こんな僕にもできること 飛んで火にいる夏の君
[02:21.55]その時は 僕も…