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Lrc 03. Trouble In Town

03. Trouble In Town LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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42908 - 03. Trouble In Town [04:38.94] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[00:19.25]Trouble in town
[00:22.00]Because they cut my brother down
[00:26.00]Because my sister can't wear her crown
[00:30.75]There's trouble, there's trouble in town
[00:37.75]Blood on the beat, oh my goodness
[00:44.00]There's blood on the beat
[00:47.51]The law of the jungle
[00:49.50]Or the law of the street
[00:51.76]There's blood on, there's blood on the beat
[00:57.75]And I get no shelter
[01:04.51]And I get no peace
[01:08.75]And I never get released
[01:23.26]Trouble in town
[01:27.25]Because they hung my brother Brown
[01:32.00]Because their system just keep you down
[01:36.50]There's trouble, this trouble in town
[01:43.75]And I get no shelter
[01:49.51]And I get no peace
[01:54.76]And I just get more police
[02:04.51]And I get no comfort
[02:10.51]And I get no name
[02:14.51]Everything is getting strained
[02:20.51]What's that?
[02:21.76]What's his name?
[02:23.01]X (standby, Sir)
[02:24.00]Alright, is that X your middle name?
[02:25.76]Of course, it's on a vehicle ID right?
[02:28.01]You're getting smart? 'Cause you'll be in a fucking car with him
[02:30.76]I'm just telling you (fucking smartass)
[02:33.00]I'm asking you, what the X is, is that your middle name?
[02:35.02]Of course, what is it?
[02:36.26]Don't come back with the "what is it?" fucking shit
[02:38.51]Talk to these fucking pays on the street that way
[02:43.01]You ain't talking to me that way
[02:44.01]I don't talk to nobody in the streets
[02:45.50]I don't hang with nobody
[02:46.51]Well then don't come to fucking Philadelphia, stay in Jersey
[02:48.26]I have family out here
[02:49.51]Everybody thinks they're a fucking lawyer
[02:50.77]And they don't know jack shit
[02:52.75]Grab you up? I'll grab you any way I got to
[02:54.75]You're not protecting me while I'm trying
[02:56.76]While I'm trying to go to work
[02:58.51]Why don't you shut up?