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Lrc 07. Legendary

07. Legendary LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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2113 - 07. Legendary [04:52.01] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[00:40.43]胸の音(Fight!) 刻む度(Fight!)
[00:43.93]教えてくれたね(Stand up, Now!)
[00:47.18]信じれば(Fight!) 必ずと(Fight!)
[00:50.68]手札が呼ぶの(Stand up, Now!)
[00:53.93]心に身体預け そのまま奇跡を引けばいいのさ
[01:17.93]絆色が創る結びで 輝いたLegendary
[02:00.48]一秒でも(Fight!) 余所見せず(Fight!)
[02:03.93]生命[いのち]を磨いて(Stand up, Now!)
[02:07.44]止まらずに(Fight!) 諦めず(Fight!)
[02:10.50]ただ進むだけ(Stand up, Now!)
[02:37.84]瑞々しく大樹のように 麗しきLegendary
[03:18.79]言葉でも(Fight!) 気持ちでも(Fight!)
[03:22.30]幾度も感じる(Stand up, Now!)
[03:25.55]倒れようと(Fight!) 躓こうと(Fight!)
[03:29.02]笑顔抱[いだ]いて(Stand up, Now!)
[03:32.54]眼差しは熱いまま 此処にある大切を守りたい
[03:48.80]奥深く響く喜び 光る歌声へと変わるわ
[03:56.05]咲き乱れた調べは全て 美しきLegendary
[04:21.13]絆色が創る結びで 輝いたLegendary