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Lrc 09f53a68-3759-49f5-a334-bca4cd71f179

09f53a68-3759-49f5-a334-bca4cd71f179 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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2896 - 09f53a68-3759-49f5-a334-bca4cd71f179 [02:30.91] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[00:03.91]The time is finally here,
[00:07.41]to graduate and forget all your fears
[00:11.41]You will set a path forward,
[00:15.67]your new journey will start today

[00:25.66]You can accomplish anything,,
[00:29.67]if you set your mind to the test
[00:33.42]Just do your best,
[00:36.16]because I know you’ll go far in the world

[00:41.66]How did the time go by so fast,
[00:45.41]let's make every moment last
[00:49.41]In my heart,
[00:52.41]I will send you love
[00:54.41]no matter where you are

[00:58.16]Even though we only met,
[01:01.91]about a single year ago
[01:06.16]I hope our bond will continue to grow
[01:11.66]Keep it up
[01:14.16]Your hard work will pay off
[01:16.41]as you move along
[01:20.66]Excitements in the air,
[01:24.91]I can’t for the time to come

[01:33.16]The time is finally here,
[01:36.66]walk with a smile as everyone cheers
[01:40.92]Your journey has just begun,
[01:44.66]so lets make sure that we have some fun
[01:48.92]The time is finally here,
[01:52.41]to graduate and forget all your fears
[01:56.91]You’ll march on through your own path,
[02:00.91]and find a way to get to the end

[02:09.16]Your new journey will start today