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Lrc 10. Let Me Hear by Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas

10. Let Me Hear - Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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53566 - 10. Let Me Hear by Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas [03:45.59] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ar:Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas]
[al:Feeling of Unity]
[ti:10. Let Me Hear]
[au:Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas]
[00:00.42]You guys do not notice that we
[00:02.91]Are gifted just by being humans
[00:05.67]We are absolute predators
[00:08.92]We do not even
[00:10.67]Have any enemies
[00:13.17]Maybe there are other animals watching us
[00:16.67]And thinking that "someday we will beat them down”
[00:30.92]Oh, we have the brains to think hard
[00:34.17]Wear our favorite clothes
[00:36.92]We are at no doubt human beings
[00:40.67]Many small lives
[00:41.92]They were born (they were born)
[00:43.66]With the fate (with the fate)
[00:44.67]Of dying for someone (for someone a human baby)
[00:48.17]A human baby
[00:50.17]When will they find out (when will they find out the true fact yeah)
[00:53.16]That at the point they were born, we are (we are winners)
[00:58.17](The) winners of Earth
[01:19.67]For what have I been living for?
[01:21.17]When will I find out the answer?
[01:22.42]An answer that is only for you
[01:24.67]What will myself and (the) first scenery I saw look like?
[01:31.92]It's my face, my face
[01:39.92]Shut up! I read this inside
[01:42.67]The book I read before (the book I read before)
[01:44.92]According (to) Maslow (according (to) Maslow)
[01:46.66]There are five steps (in a) human's desire
[01:49.92]To live a long long life to stay safe and to receive
[01:53.92]Love from others
[01:55.67]To get respect from
[01:57.67]Others, to get closer
[01:59.92]To your ideal
[02:01.66]That's what it said
[02:03.67]No matter how hard other animals try
[02:07.17]They probably can't go over the first step
[02:10.42]That is how intelligent we are and, (an animal) filled with greed
[02:23.92]But that is probably why we can still live
[02:26.42]On the top of the food chain
[02:28.17]In this blue planet although we have weak bodies
[02:50.92]For what to live for
[02:54.16]Think deeply as you live, yeah
[02:57.41]'Cause you humans are (the) only ones that can do this on Earth
[03:08.42]What is it that you want to get in your right hands?
[03:12.67]Let me hear
[03:14.92]Tell me your new answer
[03:16.42]Prove that you are different from monkeys
[03:18.17]If there is nothing to crave for, humans will die in a way
[03:21.66]Don't you think so too?
[03:22.92]Let me hear, let me hear, let me hear