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Lrc 11. Masu갃

11. Masu갃 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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1767 - 11. Masu갃 [02:15.92] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[00:16.91]なんやかんやと 溢れてるけど
[00:22.07]ここにあるもの ここにないもの それで全てです
[00:31.82]今言えること それはなんだろう
[00:37.31]生きてることと 死んでくことと
[00:42.71]他にも何かないかと思いまして 歌を歌ってるわけです
[01:02.19]あなた一人と 他全人類
[01:07.44]どちらか一つ 救うとしたら
[01:23.95]Monday 泣いてTuesday 吐いてWednesday
[01:29.61]Saturday Sunday 笑っていいんです
[01:35.10]I hope your coming with me today
[01:37.61]It's a shame it's shame if you're clogging your mind
[01:40.60]Now don't you ever say it's like the end
[01:43.10]It's OK it's OK not even started yet
[01:46.10]I hope you remember this word I said
[01:48.52]Then everyday, everyday will be an holiday
[01:51.51]OPQRSTUVW double you and me let's slide along side
[01:57.01]Both you and me and let's slide along side