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Lrc 25 Track 25

25 Track 25 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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31411 - 25 Track 25 [01:54.18] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[00:06.41]Unit 12: Restaurants
[00:09.40](Page 46). 2. Let’s Listen
[00:14.40]People are ordering food in a restaurants. Listen and check each person's order.
[00:23.40]A: Are you ready to order?
[00:28.80]B: Yes, I’d like to start with the salad, please.
[00:32.21]A: Okay. And what would you like for your main dish?
[00:35.61]B: Hmm. I’ll have the spaghetti. Is it good?
[00:39.50]A: I’ve never tried it. Anything to drink?
[00:42.91]B: Tea, please.
[00:44.06]A: And how about dessert?
[00:45.71]B: Not today, thanks.
[00:55.50]A: Hi there. What can I get you today?
[01:01.89]B: Well, let me see. I’ll just have some soup and a salad.
[01:05.54]A: Sure. Soup and salad. Our special today is grilled fish, and that comes with broccoli or peas.
[01:12.43]B: No, thanks. Not today. I’m not very hungry. But I would like some chocolate ice cream for dessert.
[01:18.09]A: Sure. Anything to drink?
[01:20.41]B: Coffee, and some water, please.
[01:31.94]A: Hi! Have you decided yet?
[01:34.59]B: Is the beef stir-fry very spicy?
[01:37.24]A: Yes, it’s pretty hot.
[01:39.90]B: Hmm. I think I’ll have a hamburger and fries, then. And a glass of milk.
[01:45.55]A: Anything for dessert? The cheesecake is excellent.
[01:49.19]B: No, thanks.