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Lrc 6552908328874285058

6552908328874285058 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11713 - 6552908328874285058 [02:34.15] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:02.29]Kya khabar thi ki muhabbat mein ye din aate hain
[00:16.30]Jise ham apna banate hain, vo tadpate hain
[00:33.52]Vo din kaha gaye bata-2
[00:44.53]Jab is nazar mein pyar tha, pyar tha
[00:51.06]Vo din kaha gaye bata
[01:03.30]Main ne to kuch kaha nahi
[01:07.57]Jo yu nigaahe pher li
[01:12.07]Main ne to kuch kaha nahi
[01:16.32]Vo raat yaad hai yahi, kissa hua tha pyar ka
[01:26.37]Vo din kaha gaye bata
[01:54.72](aankhon mein neend thi magar
[01:49.88]Soye nahi the raat bhar)-2
[02:02.39]Dil ko laga hua tha darr
[02:06.12]Shaam savera ho gaya
[02:10.60]Vo din kaha gaye bata