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Lrc 6553028643759593473

6553028643759593473 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11809 - 6553028643759593473 [04:34.81] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:03.18]Naiharwa humkaa ne bhave
[00:12.25]Humkaaaaaa ne bhave
[00:16.52]Naiharwa aaaaaaaa
[00:21.02]Naiharwa naiharwa aaaa
[00:29.10]Naiharwa humkaa ne bhave
[00:36.60]Humkaaaaaa ne bhave
[00:41.61]Naiharwa aaaaaaaa
[00:46.11]Naiharwa naiharwa aaaa
[01:10.60]Sai ki nagariiiiii
[01:19.12]Sai ki nagare param athi sundara
[01:27.84]Athi sundara
[01:32.34]Jaha koi aawe na jaawie
[01:40.57]Jaha koi aawe na jaawie
[01:47.82]Chand suraj jaha
[01:53.13]Chand suraj jaha
[01:57.38]Pavan na paani
[02:01.62]Pavan na paani
[02:05.63]Ko sandesh pahuchawie
[02:14.14]Ko sandesh pahuchawie
[02:21.89]Dard yeha
[02:26.63]Dard yeha
[02:30.87]Dard yeha
[02:35.13]Sai kooo sunave
[02:38.39]Naiharwa aaaaaaaa
[02:43.63]Naiharwa naiharwa aaa
[03:08.63]Bin satha guru apno nahi koi
[03:16.95]Apno nahi koi
[03:21.44]Ko yeh raah batawie
[03:29.70]Ko yeh raah batawie
[03:36.67]Kahat kabir
[03:42.20]Suno bhaii sadho
[03:45.95]Suno bhaii sadho
[03:50.69]Sapne me pritam aawaai
[03:59.20]Sapne me pritam aawaai
[04:06.22]Sapana yaha diya hi bhujava
[04:15.97]Naiharwa aaaaaaaa
[04:19.95]Naiharwa naiharwa aaa