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Lrc 6553454018398525441

6553454018398525441 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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12103 - 6553454018398525441 [07:59.79] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:26.51]Woh hata rahe hain parda
[00:32.26]Woh hata rahe hain parda
[00:36.75]Sar-e-baam chupke chupke
[00:59.59]Woh hata rahe hain parda
[01:04.41]Sar-e-baam chupke chupke
[01:17.91]Mein nazara kar raha hoon
[01:27.21]Sare-e-shaam chupke chupke
[02:20.37]Ye jhuki jhuki nigaahein
[02:25.46]Ye hasein hasein isharay
[02:38.45]Mujhe de rahe hain shayed
[02:47.23]Woh payam chupke chupke
[03:32.21]Na dikhaao chalte chalte
[03:36.47]Yun kadam kadam pe shokhi
[04:29.71]Koi katl ho raha hai
[04:34.45]Koi katl ho raha hai
[04:38.22]Sar-e-aam chupke chupke
[05:27.71]Kabhi shokhian dikhana
[05:31.73]Kabhi un ka muskurana
[05:44.49]Yeh adaaein kar na dalein
[05:52.48]Mera kaam chupke chupke
[06:28.73]Ye jo hichkiyan musalsal
[06:33.27]Mujhe aa rahi hain alam
[06:45.78]Koi le raha hai shayed
[06:50.04]Koi le raha hai shayed
[06:54.27]Mera naam chupke chupke
[07:34.52]Woh hata rahe hain parda