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Lrc 6553509462068434946

6553509462068434946 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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12524 - 6553509462068434946 [05:48.81] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[00:16.64]Yeh neeli neeli aankhon ko mujh say chhupa lo
[00:32.40]Humain zinda rehnay do ae husn walo
[01:16.64]Kar sakee na asar kabhi koi sharab aaj tak
[01:26.64]Na huwa mera eemaan kharab
[01:48.90]Miltay hee tum say nazar rehta nahin koi hosh
[01:55.90]Kho loon na tum ko agar to doori say madhosh
[02:43.15]Kaun hoon yeh nahin tumhain koi khabar
[02:51.30]Wasta bhi nahin koi tum say magar
[03:14.55]Jaanay kiyoun tum bin mujhe sooni lagay har ik shaam
[03:22.94]Aisee hai uljhan mujhe jis ka nahin koi naam
[04:38.45]Na jaanay tum bin mujhe aata nahin kiyoun chaen
[04:45.84]Jaanay phir kab millain magar kaajal bharay nain