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Lrc 6571060672564566017

6571060672564566017 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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12966 - 6571060672564566017 [03:06.54] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[00:10.55]Janam janam
[00:14.54]Ho tu hi mere pass maa…
[00:18.04]Janam janam
[00:20.80]Ho tu hi zameen aasman
[00:24.05]Ye hai khabar dil mein kahi
[00:27.05]Rab rehta hai magar
[00:29.78]Mere dil mein rehti
[00:33.56]Bholi bhali meri maa
[00:46.79]Janam Janam
[00:49.80]Hai tera vishwaas ma
[00:53.30]Janam janam
[00:56.48]Rahoon main tere paas ma
[00:59.10]In qwaishon in koshishon
[01:02.58]Se pehle tho magar
[01:05.36]Mere dil mein rehti
[01:08.87]Bholi bhali meri maa
[01:46.85]Pagli hai duniya, rab ko manane
[01:55.36]Mandir mazaaro, tak jaati hai
[02:01.86]Ghar mein hi mera, hota hai teerath
[02:07.86]Mujhko nazar jab, maa aati hai
[02:13.87]Mujhko nazar jab, maa aati hai
[02:21.38]Janam janam
[02:25.36]Tu meri ardaas maa
[02:28.61]Janam janam
[02:31.61]Tu mera ehsaas maa
[02:34.86]Sach ka pata dil mein hi hai
[02:37.86]Par mujhko hai pata
[02:40.60]Mere dil mein rehti
[02:44.11]Bholi bhali meri maa
[02:46.59]Mere dil mein rehti
[02:50.12]Bholi bhali meri maa