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Lrc A Whole new World by Aladdin

A Whole new World - Aladdin LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11681 - A Whole new World by Aladdin [02:34.18] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[ti:A Whole new World]
[Verse 1: Aladdin]
[00:18.14]I can show you the world
[00:21.89]Shining, shimmering, splendid
[00:25.64]Tell me, princess, now when did
[00:28.89]You last let your heart decide?
[00:32.89]I can open your eyes
[00:36.39]Take you wonder by wonder
[00:40.64]Over, sideways and under
[00:43.39]On a magic carpet ride
[Refrain 1: Aladdin]
[00:46.89]A whole new world
[00:50.89]A new fantastic
[00:52.39]Point of view
[00:54.39]No one to tell us, "no"
[00:57.14]Or where to go
[00:58.64]Or say we're only dreaming
[Refrain 2: Jasmine (and Aladdin)]
[01:01.90]A whole new world
[01:05.39]A dazzling place I never knew
[01:09.39]But when I'm way up here
[01:11.89]It's crystal clear
[01:13.39]That now I'm in a whole
[01:16.04]New world with you
[01:18.04](Now I'm in a whole
[01:19.54]New world with you)
[Verse 2: Jasmine]
[01:21.04]Unbelievable sights
[01:24.79]Indescribable feeling
[01:28.29]Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling
[01:31.04]Through an endless diamond sky
[Refrain 3: Jasmine (and Aladdin)]
[01:34.54]A whole new world
[01:36.04](Don't you dare close your eyes)
[01:38.29]A hundred thousand things to see
[01:41.04](Hold your breath; it gets better)
[01:41.79]I'm like a shooting star
[01:44.29]I've come so far
[01:46.29]I can't go back
[01:47.79]To where I used to be
[Refrain 4: Aladdin (and Jasmine)]
[01:49.79]A whole new world
[01:51.29](Every turn, a surprise)
[01:53.04]With new horizons to pursue
[01:54.54](Every moment, red-letter)
[01:56.54]I'll chase them anywhere
[01:59.29]There's time to spare
[02:00.79]Let me share this whole
[02:03.54]New world with you
[Refrain 5: Aladdin (and Jasmine)]
[02:07.54]A whole new world
[02:09.29](A whole new world)
[02:11.04]That's where we'll be
[02:13.04](That's where we'll be)
[02:15.04]A thrilling chase
[02:17.04](A wondrous place)
[02:19.04]For you and me