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Lrc Abracadabra by Lord Of The Lost

Abracadabra - Lord Of The Lost LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11412 - Abracadabra by Lord Of The Lost [03:45.59] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[ar: Lord Of The Lost]
[00:28.17]After tremendous wars that erased the population
[00:35.67]We need to find new land, reverse the devastation
[00:42.94]After the great deluge that swept our dreams away
[00:50.19]A new totality will rise with the new day
[01:05.21]Tabula rasa, Abracadabra
[01:08.97]Back to zero, start anew
[01:12.22]Tabula rasa, Danza Macabra
[01:15.72]Back to zero, out of the blue
[01:19.47]Tabula rasa
[01:26.49]Tabula rasa
[01:34.24]We dance in ash rain through the winter of our lives
[01:41.00]Till scary blossom time will leave the past behind
[01:48.50]After our gods have died there's nothing left to love
[01:55.50]We make up someone new to enlighten our path