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Lrc Already Missing The Train by Feeling Every Sunset

Already Missing The Train - Feeling Every Sunset LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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50705 - Already Missing The Train by Feeling Every Sunset [03:42.49] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ar:Feeling Every Sunset]
[al:Die Trying]
[ti:Already Missing The Train]
[by:Didier Novoa]
[00:11.62]Well I'm afraid
[00:14.37]I've fallen in this deep abyss again
[00:17.36]I'm so sick
[00:19.12]Pretending this is another game
[00:23.11]I've been busy watching the sky
[00:28.37]Instead of seeing what is right before of my eyes
[00:57.62]I can barely watch my own step
[01:02.86]Tripping over the same stone all over again
[01:08.61]I want to go back to the moment I left
[01:14.37]To believe I wasn't guilty of my own end
[01:22.61]Is it my heart beating what I hear?
[01:28.37]I'm getting out of breath again
[01:33.86]What will be of me?
[01:39.61]Is this a caprice, or an unsatisfied need?
[02:07.87]I've been deceiving myself with what I've always known
[02:13.87]I can't complain because no one knows
[02:19.36]And surely, they don't want to be told
[02:24.87]And surely, they don't want to be told
[02:40.37]Please tell me when I'm supposed to catch the train
[02:45.87]I don't want to miss it with all this rain
[02:51.87]I've been busy asking to the stars
[02:55.86]When I know I'm not going to depart
[03:03.62]Oh Whoah Oh Oh Oh
[03:06.37]Oh Whoah Oh Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh
[03:08.87]Please tell me if I'm going to depart