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Lrc Alyson-Stoner-s-Freestyle-1188308296

Alyson-Stoner-s-Freestyle-1188308296 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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172441 - Alyson-Stoner-s-Freestyle-1188308296 [00:59.98] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:00.81]Stoner (Stoner)
[00:02.70]A real ass motherfuckin' bitch just stepped in the fucking game
[00:06.95]Alyson motherfuckin' Stoner
[00:10.40]Disney bitch
[00:11.73]Uh-huh, uh
[00:13.59]I never fucked Dylan, I never fucked Cole
[00:15.44]But I bet you hoes that they dick swole
[00:17.30]I popped my pussy at Camp Rock
[00:18.63]Yeah, for me and Demi it was Camp Cock
[00:20.76]My hair long and my ass tight
[00:22.62]My face cunt and my hair right
[00:24.21]See, I'm the bitch that they think about
[00:25.81]When they pound away at they fleshlight
[00:27.67]I fucked Joe and I fucked Nick
[00:29.53]I'm a Disney bitch and I suck dick (What?)
[00:31.38]My titties fat, my skin soft
[00:33.24]I'll suck Steve Martin's dick off
[00:34.84]Stoner but I keep an eight ball in my purse
[00:38.04]I keep the Glock in the trunk
[00:39.90]I'll put ya mom in the hearse, uh
[00:43.35]Alyson motherfuckin' Stoner, bitch
[00:46.01]Don't forget the fucking name
[00:48.13]Shout the fuck out to Missy
[00:51.06]She's a real ass bitch
[00:53.18]I'm out