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Lrc Amen by Amber Run

Amen - Amber Run LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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993 - Amen by Amber Run [03:05.47] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[ar:Amber Run]
[al:The Weight EP]
[by:Adam Saunders]
[00:25.15]Are those real angels in the magazines?
[00:29.15]Is there a heaven?
[00:31.40]You’d know now you’ve been.
[00:33.41]Are those real stars that hang in the sky?
[00:37.40]Or are they man made
[00:39.65]A trick of the light?
[00:58.65]Is there a God up there?
[01:00.65]If so where does he hide?
[01:02.65]Because the devil is raging inside my mind
[01:06.90]Is there a moment when it all makes sense?
[01:11.15]When saying goodbye
[01:13.40]Doesn’t feel like the end?
[01:49.15]Sometimes I can’t help blaming you
[01:53.40]For leaving me here
[01:55.15]What am I supposed to do?
[01:57.40]There’s plenty of women
[01:59.65]There’s drink and there’s drugs
[02:01.65]But we both know that won’t be enough
[02:05.65]Because I see you in the daytime
[02:07.90]And I hear you at night
[02:10.15]There’s a pale imitation burnt in my eyes
[02:13.90]I don’t want to be here
[02:16.65]I don’t know what to do
[02:18.15]Sometimes I’d rather be dead
[02:20.65]At least then I’m with you