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Lrc Amnesia by 6lack

Amnesia - 6lack LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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80959 - Amnesia by 6lack [03:24.09] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[al:Single ]
[ti:Amnesia ]
[00:10.90]can’t we both agree there’s n0body like us
[00:15.91]i try to look into your eyes but that’s a bit much (ye)
[00:20.67]i need you when you tell me you love when things change
[00:25.90]i need you so much i don’t know my own name
[00:30.42]can’t you wait my mind clear
[00:32.94]i don’t want to bring a little over hear
[00:34.90]made me forget (made me forget)

[01:00.41]know we just meant today will you stay for the night
[01:06.16]we don’t gotta fall in love if it don’t feel right
[01:10.41]i’m not afraid of falling deep in your life
[01:15.92]its getting cold out here can i come inside
[01:20.66]i know you got a lot to do so i won’t stay long
[01:25.93]i got nothing left to lose if i’m feeling it wrong
[01:30.65]lately i’ve been lucky
[01:32.20]oh i guess the best still won
[01:35.65]its getting kinda late can you show me your room

[02:00.44]now it don’t come around much but i know that you got my best interest in your heart
[02:10.16]now i ain’t trying to fight it cause i know that my last love don’t matter no more
[02:17.90]i forgot
[02:20.40]but you got me up (up)