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Lrc Angela

Angela LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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50384 - Angela [04:44.21] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:01.86]daylight, i dream of you softly
[00:03.78]i wrote you a letter that will never reach you
[00:05.66]in montreal, the days are much colder there
[00:06.23]now you grow older there, without me
[00:07.33]on the lookout, baby won’t you look out?
[00:08.45]a car full of raccoons, i think that i’m crazy
[00:09.03]and downtown, the bar lights illuminate
[00:09.56]lost in a cityscape where i try to find you
[00:10.10]you walk like a miracle, bathing in starlight
[00:10.66]your voice burning holes in the frame
[00:12.26]i danced in the parking lot, cried in the taxi home
[00:12.82]cause i still remembered your name
[00:13.86]and oh, i’m not in love anymore
[00:14.41]but i will keep you close to me forever
[00:15.46]moonlight, i dream of you endlessly
[00:16.24]drowning in reverie, waiting for morning
[00:17.60]dim light, i’m drunk at the bar again
[00:17.88]holding a stranger’s hand, a crowd with no faces
[00:19.26]and there you are, beautiful just like the first time
[00:19.85]you reach out, i’m shaking again
[00:20.40]you’re gone in a moment, you leave me alone
[00:20.96]but i swear you were real in my hands
[00:21.78]and oh, i’m not in love anymore
[00:22.86]but i will keep you close to me forever
[00:23.40]i know these words might mean nothing now
[00:24.76]while i’m stuck in this ghost town
[00:25.32]your softness still haunts me
[00:25.84]someday i’ll find my way out of here
[00:26.66]if you don’t change your mind, my dear
[00:26.94]i’ll take you with me