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Lrc Angels Brought Me Here

Angels Brought Me Here LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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12619 - Angels Brought Me Here [04:02.06] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[ti:Angels Brought Me Here]
[00:01.97]{00:05.58,C}( I n t {00:07.40,G/B}r o )
[00:08.72]{00:09.24,F}( I n t {00:11.04,G}r o )
[00:11.72]It's been a {00:12.97,C}long and winding journey
[00:15.72]But I'm {00:16.65,Em7}finally here tonight
[00:19.72]{00:20.31,F}Picking up the pieces
[00:22.97]And walking {00:24.02,D/F#}back into the light
[00:26.72]Into the {00:27.75,C}sunset of your glory
[00:30.47]Where my {00:31.39,Em7}heart and future lies
[00:34.47]There's {00:35.06,F}nothing like that feeling
[00:37.97]When I {00:38.81,D}look into your eyes
[00:41.72]My {00:42.46,Dm7}dreams came {00:44.31,C/E}true
[00:45.22]When {00:46.14,F}I found {00:47.99,C/E}you
[00:48.97]I{00:49.83,A#sus2} found you. My{00:53.53,G} miracle
[00:56.22]If y{00:57.25,D}ou could s{00:59.03,A/C#}ee what {01:00.95,G}I se{01:02.75,A}e
[01:03.72]That you're the {01:04.65,D}answer {01:06.48,F#m}to my pra{01:08.32,G}yers {01:10.15,A}
[01:11.10]If y{01:12.01,D}ou could f{01:13.85,A/C#}eel the {01:15.72,G}tenderness I fe{01:17.53,E}el
[01:18.35]You would kn{01:19.43,Em7}ow, it would be {01:21.24,D/F#}clear
[01:22.61]That {01:23.06,G}angels {01:24.96,A}brought me h{01:26.76,D}ere
[01:29.86]{01:30.48,C}Standing here before you
[01:33.25]Feels like {01:34.21,Em7}I've been born again
[01:37.50]{01:37.88,F}Every breath is your love
[01:40.75]Every {01:41.57,D}heartbeat speaks your name
[01:44.50]My {01:45.26,Dm7}dreams came {01:47.08,C/E}true
[01:47.65]Right here in {01:48.94,F}front of y{01:50.78,C/E}ou
[01:51.90]My{01:52.63,G} miracle
[01:55.40]If y{01:56.33,D}ou could s{01:58.18,A/C#}ee what {02:00.02,G}I se{02:01.88,A}e
[02:02.90]You're the {02:03.70,D}answer {02:05.56,F#m}to my pra{02:07.39,G}yers {02:09.22,A}
[02:10.03]And if y{02:11.13,D}ou could f{02:12.93,A/C#}eel the {02:14.78,G}tenderness I f{02:16.64,E}eel
[02:17.53]You would k{02:18.50,Em7}now, it would be {02:20.33,D/F#}clear
[02:21.53]That {02:22.16,G}angels bro{02:23.98,A}ught me h{02:25.88,G}ere
[02:28.53]Brought me {02:29.57,F#}here to be with you
[02:31.92]I'll be {02:33.28,Bm}forever grateful
[02:35.17]Oh, for{02:36.95,E}ever thankful
[02:39.42]My {02:40.65,Em7}dreams came {02:42.54,D/F#}true
[02:43.42]When {02:44.37,G}I found {02:46.21,D/F#}you. My{02:48.14,A} miracle
[02:50.92]If y{02:51.82,D#}ou could s{02:53.65,A#/D}ee what {02:55.48,G#}I see{02:57.31,A#}
[02:58.42]You're the {02:59.22,D#}answer {03:01.00,Gm}to my pra{03:02.87,G#}yer, o{03:04.75,A#}h
[03:05.67]If y{03:06.59,D#}ou could f{03:08.38,A#/D}eel the {03:10.27,G#}tenderness I fe{03:12.11,F}el
[03:13.07]You would k{03:13.95,Fm7}now, it would be {03:15.80,D#/G}clear
[03:17.07]That {03:17.65,A#}angels brought me h{03:21.37,D#}ere (If you)
[03:22.32](Could s{03:23.16,A#/D}ee what {03:25.06,G#}I se{03:26.87,A#}e) Woah-oh (you're the)
[03:28.57]{03:28.73,D#}(Answer {03:30.59,Gm}to my pra{03:32.41,G#}yer) Yes they brought me h{03:34.26,A#}ere
[03:34.95]And if y{03:36.13,Cm}ou could f{03:37.97,A#}eel the {03:39.80,G#}tenderness I f{03:41.70,F}eel
[03:43.85]You would k{03:45.30,Fm7}now, it would b{03:47.21,D#/G}e clear
[03:48.23]Tha{03:49.10,G#}t angels {03:50.90,A#}brought me