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Lrc Apartment

Apartment LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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10817 - Apartment [03:56.95] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[00:00.51]{00:02.76,Bm7}( I n t {00:04.42,F#m}r o ) {00:04.91,Em}
[00:06.26]{00:06.58,D}( I n {00:07.14,A7}t r o ) {00:08.74,F#m} {00:09.32,Bm7}
[00:11.01]{00:11.49,Bm7}After lea{00:13.14,F#m}ving{00:13.65,Em} my apartmen{00:15.31,D}t
[00:15.76]{00:15.82,A7} I feel {00:17.49,F#m}this co{00:18.01,Bm7}ld inside me
[00:19.76]{00:20.23,Bm7} It howls {00:21.86,F#m}away{00:22.40,Em} all through the marke{00:24.07,D}t
[00:24.51]{00:24.57,A7} It calls {00:26.20,F#m}your na{00:26.74,Bm7}me, ho-oh whoa
[00:28.76]{00:28.89,Bm7}( I n t e {00:30.58,F#m}r l u d {00:31.11,Em}e )
[00:32.15]{00:32.75,D}( I n t{00:33.29,A7} e r l u d{00:34.92,F#m} e ) {00:35.47,Bm7}
[00:37.15]{00:37.63,Bm7}( I n t e {00:39.30,F#m}r l u d {00:39.82,Em}e )
[00:40.90]{00:41.49,D}( I n t{00:42.00,A7} e r l u d{00:43.67,F#m} e ) {00:44.19,Bm7}
[00:45.65]{00:46.37,Bm7}On my way{00:48.00,F#m} to{00:48.51,Em} your apartmen{00:50.20,D}t
[00:50.65]{00:50.71,A7} I write {00:52.36,F#m}for fe{00:52.88,Bm7}ar of silence
[00:54.90]{00:55.13,Bm7} You carved {00:56.75,F#m}a boat{00:57.27,Em} to sell my shad{00:58.95,D}ow
[00:59.30]{00:59.45,A7} Now I walk {01:01.08,F#m}alone{01:01.59,Bm7}, ho-oh who{01:03.84,A6}a
[01:05.20]{01:05.49,D6}Alri{01:05.97,A6}ght, {01:07.69,D}alr{01:08.17,A}ight
[01:12.20]{01:12.57,D6}( I n t {01:14.73,Am7}e r l u {01:16.95,Em}d e ) {01:19.13,G}
[01:20.95]{01:21.30,D6}I hit the sidewa{01:23.45,Am7}lk and this is
[01:25.10]H{01:25.67,Em}ow it start{01:27.85,G}s
[01:29.60]{01:30.05,D6}Hide in a rainc{01:32.20,Am7}oat when things are
[01:33.85]F{01:34.39,Em}alling apart{01:36.55,G}
[01:38.35]{01:38.76,D}( I n {01:39.55,A7}t e r l u{01:40.94,D} d e ){01:41.73,A7}
[01:42.60]{01:43.12,Bm7}( I n t e {01:44.77,F#m}r l u d {01:45.28,Em}e )
[01:46.35]{01:46.93,D}( I n t{01:47.46,A7} e r l u {01:49.14,F#m}d e ) {01:49.64,Bm7}
[01:51.10]{01:51.85,Bm7}After le{01:53.46,F#m}aving{01:53.99,Em} your apartmen{01:55.67,D}t
[01:56.10]{01:56.14,A7} I hear {01:57.80,F#m}the co{01:58.35,Bm7}ast by nightfall
[02:00.25]{02:00.57,Bm7} So sure{02:02.21,F#m} to{02:02.74,Em} keep you dreamin{02:04.39,D}g
[02:04.88]{02:04.90,A7} You un{02:06.56,F#m}derstoo{02:07.08,Bm7}d
[02:09.03]{02:09.30,Bm7} Oh, {02:10.93,F#m}I kno{02:11.44,Em}w
[02:12.68]{02:13.12,D}You {02:13.64,A7}under{02:15.29,F#m}stood{02:15.84,Bm7}
[02:17.43]{02:18.04,Bm7}Yes sir, {02:19.69,F#m}it sho{02:20.23,Em}ws
[02:21.43]{02:21.82,D} I wa{02:22.39,A7}s no{02:24.00,F#m} goo{02:24.54,Bm7}d
[02:25.43]Whoa-ah {02:26.77,A6}ah
[02:28.08]{02:28.40,D6} Alr{02:28.92,A6}ight, {02:30.55,D}Alri{02:31.10,A}ght
[02:35.08]{02:35.49,D6}I hit the sidewa{02:37.67,Am7}lk and this is
[02:39.33]H{02:39.86,Em}ow it start{02:42.03,G}s
[02:43.83]{02:44.22,D6}Hide in a rainc{02:46.40,Am7}oat when things are
[02:48.08]Fa{02:48.59,Em}lling apart{02:50.75,G}
[02:51.98]Cause {02:52.92,D6}sooner or lat{02:55.11,Am7}er this is
[02:56.73]B{02:57.32,Em}ound to sto{02:59.47,G}p
[03:00.98]Come {03:01.67,D6}on, let's sav{03:03.86,Am7}or what we're
[03:05.48]Fa{03:06.04,Em}lling {03:08.22,G}over{03:10.37,D6}
[03:12.23]{03:12.60,Am7}( I n t e {03:14.77,Em}r l u d {03:16.95,G}e )
[03:18.73]{03:19.10,D6}( I n t {03:21.33,Am7}e r l u d{03:23.47,Em} e ) {03:25.68,G}
[03:27.23]{03:27.80,D6}( I n t {03:30.04,Em}e r l u{03:32.22,A7} d e ) {03:34.39,D6}
[03:35.98]{03:36.60,D6}( I n t {03:38.76,Em}e r l u{03:40.93,A7} d e ) {03:43.12,D6}
[03:44.73]{03:45.32,Bm7}After le{03:46.98,F#m}aving{03:47.50,Em} your apartmen{03:49.16,D}t
[03:49.62]{03:49.74,A7} I hear {03:51.45,F#m}the coa{03:51.95,D6}st