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Lrc Around The Bend by Pearl Jam

Around The Bend - Pearl Jam LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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32138 - Around The Bend by Pearl Jam [04:37.19] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[ar:Pearl Jam]
[al:No Code]
[ti:Around The Bend]
[00:19.40]I am wishing you a well
[00:28.92]Mind at peace within your cell
[00:38.44]Covers up, I cast you off
[00:47.97]I'll be watching as you breathe
[00:57.74]I lie still, you move, I send
[01:04.76]You,... off around the bend
[01:34.22]I hold your head deep in my arms
[01:42.92]My fingertips they close your eyes
[01:52.71]Off you dream, my little child
[02:02.49]There's a sun around the bend
[02:09.51]There's a sun around the bend
[02:57.89]All the evenings close like this
[03:07.42]All these moments that I've missed
[03:16.95]Please forgive me, won't you, dear?
[03:26.48]Please forgive and let me share...
[03:33.75]With... you... around the bend
[04:02.58]You're an angel when you sleep
[04:11.86]How I want your soul to keep
[04:19.13]On and on around the bend