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Lrc BB’s Theme by Ludvig Forssell

BB’s Theme - Ludvig Forssell LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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43419 - BB’s Theme by Ludvig Forssell [05:16.58] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ar:Ludvig Forssell]
[ti:BB’s Theme]
[00:05.93]See the sunset
[00:11.68]The day is ending
[00:17.68]Let that yawn out
[00:22.92]There's no pretending
[00:31.68]I will hold you
[00:37.43]And protect you
[00:42.67]So let love warm you
[00:48.92]Till the morning
[00:58.17]I'll stay with you
[01:03.68]By your side
[01:06.93]Close your tired eyes
[01:09.42]I'll wait and soon
[01:12.43]I'll see your smile in a dream
[01:21.43]And I won't wake before you go
[01:32.68]And I still hear your heartbeat
[01:46.17]Feel the wind rise
[01:51.43]Adorned without you
[01:57.18]Watch that star die
[02:02.68]Eons without you
[02:09.17]I'll stay with you
[02:14.93]In your mind
[02:17.92]Every single day
[02:20.67]I'll wait and soon
[02:25.42]We're stranded on the beach
[02:29.43]In our dream
[02:55.42]We left too soon
[03:00.93]But in our lies
[03:03.92]There's a truth to find
[03:06.43]The air is new
[03:11.18]But, tomorrow we must reach forth
[03:14.93]To be heard
[03:20.18]See the sunset
[03:25.92]The day is ending
[03:31.67]Let your heart stop
[03:37.43]See the sunset
[03:43.18]See the sunset
[03:52.43]Oh, I'll try to stay with you
[04:04.18]Oh, I won't stray away from the truth
[04:16.67]And I
[04:28.68]And I still want to love on you
[04:38.67]And I
[04:54.67]See the sunset
[04:59.17]The day is ending