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Lrc BTS_방탄소년단_Make_It_Right_feat_Lauv_Official_MV[]

BTS_방탄소년단_Make_It_Right_feat_Lauv_Official_MV[] LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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91293 - BTS_방탄소년단_Make_It_Right_feat_Lauv_Official_MV[] [04:17.57] 2 months ago
by Guest
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[Verse 1: Lauv]
[00:35.14]I was lost, I was trying to find the answer
[00:39.87]In the world around me
[00:42.14]Yeah, I was going crazy
[00:43.66]All day, all night
[00:45.63]You're the only one who understood me
[00:48.38]And all that I was going through
[00:50.90]Yeah, I just gotta tell you
[00:52.89]Oh, baby I
[Pre-Chorus: Lauv]
[00:55.14]I could make it better
[00:57.64]I could hold you tighter
[01:00.14]’Cause through the morning
[01:01.89]Oh you're the light (Oh)
[01:04.14]And I almost lost ya
[01:06.88]But I can't forget ya
[01:09.39]’Cause you were the reason that I survived
[Chorus: Lauv]
[01:13.38]You were there for me through all the times I cried
[01:17.88]I was there for you and then I lost my mind
[01:22.39]I know that I messed up but I promise I
[01:27.88]Oh-oh, I can make it right
[Post-Chorus: Lauv]
[01:32.64]All right
[01:34.64]All right
[01:36.88]Oh-oh, I can make it right
[01:41.13]All right
[01:43.66]All right
[01:45.88]Oh-oh, I can make it right
[Verse 2: J-Hope]
[01:49.17]I became a hero in this world
[01:52.65]The loud screams that seek me out
[01:54.91]My hand, trophy and a gold microphone
[01:57.40]All day, everywhere
[01:58.40]But all of this is about reaching you
[02:01.14]It's the answer to my journey
[02:03.89]I'm singing to find you
[02:05.88]Baby to you
[Verse 3: RM]
[02:07.38]A little taller than I was before
[02:08.64]With a voice a little more solid
[02:10.64]All of this to go back to you
[02:12.88]Now I'll spread wide a map called you
[02:15.39]My rehab
[02:15.89]Look at me, why can't you recognize me?
[02:17.90]I don't want to hear other people's noises
[02:19.88]Your fragrance still penetrates and breaks me down
[02:22.41]Let's go back to that time
[Pre-Chorus: Jin]
[02:24.38]Baby I know
[02:26.14]I can make it better
[02:28.39]I can hold you tighter
[02:30.88]All those roads
[02:32.64]Are pointing to you
[Verse 4: Jimin]
[02:35.14]Everything was useless
[02:37.38]Anything other than you
[02:40.16]Just touch me like that time
[Chorus: Jungkook, Jin, V, Jimin]
[02:43.89]This eternal night with no end in sight
[02:48.40]It’s you who gifted me the morning
[02:53.13]Now can I hold that hand?
[02:57.13]Oh oh
[02:59.64]I can make it right
[Post-Chorus: V, Jimin]
[03:03.14]All right
[03:05.15]All right
[03:07.38]Oh I can make it right
[Post-Chorus: Jimin, V]
[03:11.71]All right
[03:14.42]All right
[03:16.67]Oh I can make it right
[Bridge: Suga]
[03:19.87]You are still beautiful
[03:21.38]Just hold me silently like you did that day, that time
[03:24.15]The reason I survived in hell
[03:25.64]It’s for you, it was not for me
[03:28.14]If you know, don't hesitate and please save my life
[03:29.89]I’m thirsty wandering this desert without you
[03:32.41]So hurry and grab me quickly
[03:34.66]I know the sea without you is the same as a desert
[Pre-Chorus: Jimin, Jungkook]
[03:38.41]All right
[03:41.39]I can make it better
[03:43.90]I can hold you tighter
[03:45.90]Oh I can make it right
[Outro: Jimin, V]
[03:50.14]Everything was useless
[03:52.64]Anything other than you
[03:54.89]Oh I can make it right