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Lrc Bad Boy[Saaho-2019]_320

Bad Boy[Saaho-2019]_320 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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51675 - Bad Boy[Saaho-2019]_320 [02:57.79] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:34.10]Baby hold your breath
[00:36.60]Every move I’m awakening
[00:37.97]Kanulanu chesenu Start struck
[00:40.48]Baby wait a sec
[00:43.48]Neelo andam adigina maikam
[00:45.50]Baby I’m a love Croc

[00:48.46]Let me tease you girl
[00:49.36]Ninu tarimina manasuni feel it
[00:51.86]Nuvveppudu chudani kalalatho baby
[00:54.86]I could steal it
[00:56.84]Nalo sagame crazy
[00:58.35]Another half I’m bad girl
[01:00.12]Baby I’m a bad boy
[01:00.78]can you be my bad girl?

[01:20.26]High baby so High
[01:22.54]I Saty Fly Fly
[01:25.00]Fly like a helicopter
[01:27.54]Your just a spin with my x-factor yo
[01:29.28]Just cash no checks
[01:31.27]Now game is on and my swag intense
[01:33.76]Moodula unna baby
[01:35.76]Zara nee boy friendni chesthanika ex

[01:47.28]Boy I’m in wrong with you wrong with you
[01:50.52]Nee vasamai poya
[01:52.52]Kaache choopula dadiki dorika boy
[01:55.42]Neeke padipoya

[02:06.16]Nuvvu fire nenu gasoline boy
[02:08.42]Take me higher you know what I mean boy
[02:10.56]Kiss me baby nenu neela mad girl
[02:12.82]I know you’re a bad boy
[02:14.06]I can be your bad girl.

[02:22.44]Baby I’m a bad boy
[02:23.06]Can you be my bad girl
[02:30.97]I know you’re the bad boy
[02:32.22]I can be your bad girl
[02:39.94]Baby I’m a bad boy
[02:41.47]Can you be my bad girl