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Lrc Beast Is The B2ST by BEAST

Beast Is The B2ST - BEAST LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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2923 - Beast Is The B2ST by BEAST [01:39.29] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[ti:Beast Is The B2ST]
[00:08.17]It’s the time
[00:08.69]for some action
[00:10.42]The first step,
[00:12.16]attention please,
[00:13.41]drop the beat yeah!
[00:23.42]I’m the joker,
[00:24.41]did you hear my name?
[00:25.68]These kids follow me
[00:26.66]to make a difference
[00:27.92]I don’t care
[00:30.18](what you say)
[00:31.17]I’m still laughing
[00:33.16]Th-th-th-that’s okay,
[00:34.66]look at me now, replay
[00:37.67]B-b-b-b-b-bump in,
[00:39.41]let’s go, let’s jump
[00:42.41]You’ve never seen anything
[00:43.92]like ma-ma-ma style
[00:46.41]It’s real,
[00:47.42]real, real, real.
[00:49.16]Baby, show me what you got
[00:51.16](We are BEAST!)
[00:52.17]Come on, come on hey,
[00:53.41]come to me
[00:55.18](It’s the best)
[00:56.16]Come on, come on hey,
[00:57.66]I’ll show you
[00:59.66](We are BEAST!)
[01:00.91]Come on, come on hey,
[01:02.42]you can’t escape
[01:04.42](It’s the best)
[01:09.66]Let it come into your ears,
[01:11.66]capturing the melody
[01:14.41]Let everybody,
[01:16.18]everybody hear the
[01:17.41]heavy breathing sounds
[01:19.16]Now, I’ll take it,
[01:21.41]I’ll show you everything
[01:25.42]BEAST is the best.
[01:26.42]Time to fly.