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Lrc Bedroom Ghost 1

Bedroom Ghost 1 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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50420 - Bedroom Ghost 1 [02:47.99] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:02.14]you slipped suicide notes beneath my pillow as i slept
[00:02.94]and in the morning the sun didn't come up
[00:03.50]and the sun never came up again
[00:04.04]everything here reminds me of you and it's getting harder to sleep
[00:04.58]the sheets on my bed still smell like your skin
[00:05.14]and it makes me sick, you make me sick, but why did you have to leave?
[00:05.66]i told you "never die", i told you "never leave"
[00:06.18]i didn't want you to haunt me, baby
[00:06.74]you slept in the backyard under the tree
[00:07.28]i didn't want you to haunt me, baby
[00:07.84]i don't want you anymore
[00:08.12]i don't want you anymore
[00:09.44]while your mother arranged flowers in a vase downstairs
[00:10.00]i undressed in your room
[00:10.54]the night was quiet but the sirens blared in the evening gloom
[00:11.08]i find traces of your footprints on the floor
[00:11.60]i laugh at things i never would before
[00:12.14]who are you to make me new? who are you to leave?
[00:13.44]let's drink to our eternal life and all the things that brought us closer to the sky
[00:14.54]our endless passion, our endless strife
[00:15.08]when you pushed me to the edge but never let me fly
[00:15.36]the curtains open to the streetlight glow
[00:16.24]i didn't want you to haunt me, baby
[00:16.81]i wish i could sleep out in the snow,
[00:17.33]i didn't want you to haunt me, baby
[00:18.19]i don't want you anymore
[00:18.79]i don't want you anymore
[00:19.33]i don't miss you anymore
[00:19.89]i don't need you anymore