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Lrc Beetlejuice The Musical - The Whole Being Dead Thing (DC Version)

Beetlejuice The Musical - The Whole Being Dead Thing (DC Version) LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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51631 - Beetlejuice The Musical - The Whole Being Dead Thing (DC Version) [05:10.99] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:07.91]Hey folks! Beggin' your pardon
[00:10.66]'Scuse me! Sorry to barge in!
[00:13.66]But let's skip the tears
[00:16.90]And start on the whole, ya know
[00:18.16]"Being dead" thing
[00:19.66]Death is so my oeuvre
[00:22.67]I make crossing over smoother
[00:25.91]Try to think of me as lube for
[00:28.16]The hole, (heh!) you know,
[00:29.91]The whole "being dead" thing!
[00:31.66]When you're dead ya gets regrets
[00:34.41]"We shoulda carpe'd way more diems
[00:36.16]Now we're never gonna see 'em
[00:37.67]I can show you what comes next
[00:40.16]So don't be freaked,
[00:41.66]Stay in your seats,
[00:43.16]I do this bullshit like eight times a week
[00:46.16]There is no heaven,
[00:47.16]There's no hell,
[00:47.92]No meaning far as I can tell.
[00:48.91]Are you depressed? You should be!
[00:50.16]Welcome to a show about death!
[00:53.41]You're... You're gonna be fine on the other side
[01:02.42](Die, you're all gonna die, you're all gonna die!)
[01:04.91]I'll... I'll be your guide to the other side-
[01:13.91]It's part of the dead thing!
[01:15.41]Dies Irae
[01:16.90]Death is not the easiest so don't be nervous
[01:19.91]Oblivion can really make a girl feel worthless
[01:22.91]Everybody needs a good transition service
[01:25.66]When they pass
[01:26.41]That's me!
[01:27.41]I come with the "dead thing"!
[01:28.66]Death can have its ups and downs
[01:31.91]"My polio's completely cured!"
[01:33.42]"I left my baby uninsured!"
[01:35.16]Stick with me I'll show you 'round
[01:37.91]Everything is great here
[01:39.41]Lots of friends to make here
[01:41.16]They're sailing on a lake here
[01:42.41]There's a giant snake here!
[01:51.41]Welcome to a show about death!
[01:53.91]You're... You're gonna be fine...
[01:57.17]Thank you!
[01:58.41]On the other side...
[02:00.41]How you doing!?
[02:02.66]I'll... I'll be your guide...
[02:10.42]To the other side.
[02:13.91]Seriously though this is a show about death.
[02:21.66]Invisible when you're sad
[02:27.16]Clocks tick and phones still ring
[02:31.91]The world carries on like mad
[02:36.91]But nobody sees a thing
[02:42.41]Whispering behind their hands
[02:47.16]Lost for kind words to say
[02:52.41]Nobody understands
[02:57.41]And everyone goes away
[03:02.41]Grownups wanna fix things
[03:04.41]When they can't it only fills them with shame
[03:08.66]So they just look away
[03:12.91]Is it being greedy to need somebody to see me
[03:17.16]And say my name?
[03:32.91]Seems when you lose your mom
[03:38.41]No one turns off the sun
[03:43.66]Folks carry on, that's that
[03:47.66]You're invisible when you're sad
[03:55.92]Holy shit! A ballad already!? This show's got everything!
[04:02.66]You're just gonna love the folks here
[04:04.91]Everybody's dead so everybody smokes here
[04:07.91]Everyday I do, like, a ton of coke here-
[04:11.16]The whole--
[04:11.42]"Being dead" thing!
[04:14.16]The nightlife's hip, Aretha plays here
[04:17.16]Orgies last for several days here
[04:20.16]People tend to go both ways here
[04:22.91]They're like, "Bob Sheila"
[04:24.41]The whole "being dead" thing!
[04:26.42]Toss that body in the pit
[04:29.16]"Gosh it's awful"
[04:29.91]"Ain't it tragic?"
[04:30.67]"Blah blah bible jesus magic!"
[04:32.41]When you're dead who gives a shit?
[04:35.16]No pilates
[04:35.91]No more yoga
[04:36.66]Namaste, you fucking posers
[04:38.41]Baby, when you're toast you're toast
[04:40.66]And I'm the ghost you're gonna need the most
[04:44.16]You need a demon who's smart
[04:47.16]Helping you master the art
[04:49.91]So how 'bout we all make a start
[04:53.41]On the whole "being dead" thing
[05:02.16]God I hope you're ready for a show about death!