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Lrc Behind The Wheel by Topazz

Behind The Wheel - Topazz LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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20452 - Behind The Wheel by Topazz [03:52.20] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[ti:Behind The Wheel]
[00:16.64]My little girl
[00:21.14]Drive anywhere
[00:25.64]Do what you want
[00:31.14]I don't care
[00:38.14]I'm in the hands of fate
[00:42.89]I hand myself
[00:48.89]Over on a plate
[01:10.89]Oh little girl
[01:14.39]There are times when I feel
[01:19.39]I'd rather not be
[01:24.64]The one behind the wheel
[01:33.64]Pull my strings
[01:37.89]Watch me move
[01:42.64]I do anything
[02:05.28]Sweet little girl
[02:09.28]I prefer
[02:13.78]You behind the wheel
[02:19.28]And me the passenger
[02:27.28]I'm yours to keep
[02:32.28]Do what you want
[02:37.53]I'm going cheap
[02:56.53]You're behind the wheel tonight