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Lrc Below the Surface by Griffinilla

Below the Surface - Griffinilla LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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171036 - Below the Surface by Griffinilla [01:56.48] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[al:Below the Surface ]
[ti:Below the Surface]
[by:Castoro Blu]
Listen close
[00:02.71]Follow my instructions
[00:04.04]There is no
[00:05.63]Time for introductions
[00:08.03]He was the one that made us
[00:12.32]You'll be the one to save us
[00:18.19]Welcome to the circus
[00:20.83]Power down
[00:22.43]Are you feeling nervous?
[00:24.82]His voice means to deceive you
[00:28.80]My voice just wants to lead you
[00:35.98]Below the surface
[00:39.96]Built without purpose
[00:44.22]Did we deserve this?
[00:48.19]You're here to serve
[00:49.82]Daddy, please
[00:51.42]We all scream for ice cream
[00:54.07]This machine
[00:55.67]Will help you with the brain freeze
[00:58.32]The stage lights up with controlled shocks
[01:02.58]So tighten up all your spring locks
[01:06.55]Through the vent
[01:08.15]Keeping your composure
[01:10.80]Hold your breath
[01:12.40]Something's creeping closer
[01:14.79]There's no one left to find you
[01:19.06]I'll take your place inside you
[01:25.70]Below the surface
[01:29.94]Built without purpose
[01:34.20]Did we deserve this?
[01:38.18]You're here to serve us
[01:46.95]I'll take your place behind the mask
[01:48.54]Then I'll be first and you'll be last
[01:52.25]Yeah, you'll be last