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Lrc Big Gun by AC DC

Big Gun - AC DC LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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51525 - Big Gun by AC DC [04:25.10] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ar:AC DC]
[ti:Big Gun]
[00:29.41]Riot on the radio
[00:32.81]Pictures on the TV
[00:36.48]Invader man take what he can
[00:40.16]Shootout on the silver screen
[00:43.83]Sticking 'em up and knocking 'em down
[00:47.51]Living out a fantasy
[00:50.62]There's a bad man cruising around
[00:54.29]In a big black limousine
[00:57.97]Don't let it be wrong
[00:59.95]Don't let it be right
[01:01.93]Get in his way
[01:03.60]You're dead in his sights
[01:05.60]Big gun
[01:09.26]Big gun number one
[01:12.94]Big gun
[01:16.89]Big gun kick the hell out of you
[01:28.15]Terminators, Uzi makers
[01:31.79]Shootin' up Hollywood
[01:35.19]Snakes alive with a .45
[01:38.87]Setting off and doing no good
[01:42.24]If you ain't wise they'll cannibalize
[01:46.45]Tear flesh off you
[01:49.84]Classified lady killers
[01:53.24]Preyin' in the human zoo
[01:56.60]They saddle you up
[01:58.59]And take you to town
[02:00.54]Better look out
[02:01.95]When he come around
[02:04.19]Big gun
[02:07.58]Big gun number one
[02:11.23]Big gun
[02:15.19]Big gun kick the hell out of you
[02:24.78](Show down)
[02:54.19]Big gun
[02:57.58]Big gun number one
[03:15.68]Big gun, got a hot one
[03:22.47]Big gun, got a number one
[03:29.54]Big gun, loaded and cocked
[03:33.22]Big gun, hot hot hot
[03:36.32]Got big gun, ready or not
[03:40.28]Big gun, give it, give it a shot
[03:43.96]Terminator, Uzi makers
[03:51.03]Regulators, gonna get you later
[04:09.12]Big gun kick the hell out of you