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Lrc Black Hair by Nick Cave

Black Hair - Nick Cave LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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81442 - Black Hair by Nick Cave [03:02.99] 4 months ago
by Guest
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[ar:Nick Cave]
[al:Idiot Prayer]
[ti:Black Hair]
[au:Nick Cave]
[00:22.87]Last night my kisses were banked in black hair
[00:30.85]And in my bed, my lover, her hair was midnight black
[00:38.85]And all her mystery dwelled within her black hair
[00:47.36]And her black hair framed a happy heart-shaped face
[00:53.84]And heavy-hooded eyes inside her black hair
[01:01.60]Shined at me frome the depths of her hair of deepest black
[00:0.00]While my fingers pushed into her straight black hair
[00:0.00]Pulling her black hair back from her happy heart-shaped face
[00:0.00]To kiss her milk-white throat, a dark curtain of black hair
[00:0.00]Smothered me, my lover with her beautiful black hair
[00:0.00]The smell of it is heavy. It is charged with life
[00:0.00]On my fingers the smell of her deep black hair
[00:0.00]Full of all my whispered words, her black hair
[00:0.00]And wet with tears and good-byes, her hair of deepest black
[00:0.00]All my tears cried against her milk-white throat
[00:0.00]Hidden behind the curtain of her beautiful black hair
[00:0.00]As deep as ink and black, black as the deepest sea
[00:0.00]The smell of her black hair upon my pillow
[00:0.00]Where her head and all its black hair did rest
[00:0.00]Today she took a train to the West
[00:0.00]Today she took a train to the West
[00:0.00]Today she took a train to the West