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Lrc Blue

Blue LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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50421 - Blue [03:31.09] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:02.43]midnight to noon there's flowers on the table
[00:02.99]and i love you, love you, love you while i'm able
[00:04.87]to say it, i'll say it, i'll say it til the day that i die
[00:05.41]when the sun comes up and the lights go down
[00:05.69]i will run run run from the higher ground
[00:06.77]won't be disappointed when you say we're going home
[00:07.04]cause it's been six months and nothing is changing
[00:07.59]i don't know if i'm growing, i don't know if i'm aging
[00:08.41]if i'm stronger, braver, maybe just a bit less afraid
[00:08.67]on the edge of sixteen and falling asleep on the city bus
[00:09.21]i don't know who i am and i certainly
[00:10.61]don't know where the hell i'm going
[00:11.71]blue, i know that it's hard to be real
[00:11.99]when the blood is on your hands and the world's beneath your heels
[00:12.80]maybe you're just one for unconventional affection
[00:13.36]but baby, that's alright, i'll be whatever helps you sleep at night
[00:14.20]i forgive you for the words you said last night
[00:15.00]i forgive you for the way you held on too tight
[00:15.30]sorry i turned away, i didn't want to cry in front of you
[00:16.64]we sat together on the centre of my bed
[00:16.92]while you told me all the reasons you hate radiohead
[00:17.19]but their record's on my turntable, that song's stuck in my head
[00:18.03]your profile's built of shadows on my wall
[00:18.83]and it's just so hard for me to take this all
[00:19.38]in at once, you're sleeping and i'm wide awake
[00:19.91]once the year's over i can't remember anything
[00:20.17]all i ever do is sleep and sing
[00:20.71]songs about places that i will never see
[00:22.65]blue, i know that it's hard to let go
[00:23.19]when it's all you've ever felt, it's all you've ever known
[00:23.77]i keep my eyes on the ground, you keep your hand on my back
[00:24.07]from when the sun rises to when the sky turns black
[00:25.15]they broke you down so easily, why do you stand alone?
[00:25.67]they tore you down so easily, why are you standing alone?
[00:25.95]you say it's just a cycle of heartache, so why do you carry it on?
[00:26.22]seven years old in a moonlit world, how did you make it alone?
[00:27.02]blue, i'm sorry i can't be what you need
[00:27.31]it's not easy to wake up, it's not easy to breathe
[00:27.89]i ran for cover as your walls came crashing down
[00:28.14]but you just let yourself crumble to the ground