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Lrc Bokura dake no Shudaika

Bokura dake no Shudaika LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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91122 - Bokura dake no Shudaika [04:46.38] 1 month ago
by Guest
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[ti:Bokura dake no Shudaika]
[00:01.00]We can’t go back anymore
[00:08.65]Waiting for spring, our blue pain
[00:13.63]Ran into chaos, with love and dreams
[00:17.89]It has become dim but it will not disappear
[00:26.15]We’ve imprinted scars when playing around
[00:31.09]Overlapped up in different places
[00:36.31]So I’ll start walking forward with my days crying behind
[00:47.06]I am here
[00:52.09]Hey, look at me
[00:56.83]We laugh at odd things,
[00:59.83]got mad at differences
[01:02.55]I’ll make the dream I had with you come true
[01:08.07]Sad times,
[01:12.80]extremely difficult times
[01:17.82]These are memories I will remember
[01:20.80]The times we have spent together
[01:23.56]I’ll keep them behind this heart
[01:31.55]The next time that you turn around
[01:40.81]It would be nice if we could shake hands and laugh
[01:48.59]Even if you lose your way deep in the forest
[01:53.56]The morning sun will flow through dawn
[01:58.81]Even if you can’t see that future passed
[02:04.31]I will hold your hand now
[02:06.59]Illuminating the next night
[02:09.46]I am here
[02:14.71]Come to my side
[02:19.71]I still have a wish that hasn't come true
[02:25.22]I will still go on with an innocent expression
[02:30.70]Times we wanted to meet,
[02:35.46]times we wanted to hold each other
[02:40.46]They are memories, I’ll remember
[02:43.48]The times we spent together
[02:45.97]They’ll become the light to the unseen future
[03:12.24]I just want to disappear, I want to run away, I screamed inside this despair
[03:17.10]I resent the worst day when I met you that used to be miracle
[03:22.36]I can’t just pretend that it never happened
[03:25.36]Even so, I am thankful to still live
[03:28.21]At least, this should be the end
[03:39.00]We can’t go back anymore
[03:49.47]Here I go
[03:54.49]Hey, look at me
[03:59.26]I will look for something more important than you
[04:04.97]There’s nothing more important if it’s for your sake
[04:10.23]Times we wanted to meet,
[04:15.21]times we wanted to hold each other
[04:20.22]These are memories I’ll remember
[04:23.26]The times we spent together
[04:25.96]I’ll keep them behind this heart
[04:33.59]I’ll sing this over again
[04:36.24]Our treasured memories will become
[04:38.97]A theme song that’s only for us.