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Lrc Branding audio2

Branding audio2 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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51695 - Branding audio2 [04:09.52] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:13.89]One day I saw a poster of singing competition in the school.
[00:17.40]I try to get a chance to join.
[00:19.64]but unluckily teacher inform me the quota of participate is full.
[00:26.14]When I was sobbing alone and blaming myself.
[00:29.15]I met a person who provide me a rare opportunity – the head of competition’s organizer.
[00:36.53]He added an additional quota for me.
[00:41.79]I pay more effort on practicing singing because I know how lucky I was to get this chance.
[00:50.79]Good things happen one after another, my efforts does not waste, I get a gold medal.
[01:00.04]This competition is a turning point in my life.
[01:07.79]After the competitions, the frequency to received invitation to participate in difference kind of competition even represented school competition are increased.
[01:21.29]When I graduate middle school, it’s a long holiday for next class begin.
[01:26.79]I was then overconfident and apply for a world-wide singing competition.
[01:35.04]I can said that the nightmares started from here because I eliminated during the oversea selection.
[01:45.04]Start from that day, I have no desire to participate in any competition.
[01:52.94]I know very well that I couldn’t accept the failure at that time.
[01:59.93]Maybe just like what Blaise Pascal said “Time heals griefs and quarrels, for we change and are no longer the same persons.”.
[02:09.94]The long holiday after graduate was came again. For now, for me, winning or losing really not that important, narrow of insight makes me feel it is the all at the past.
[02:25.18]In that long holiday, I developed few different hobbies like camera shooting, film editing, writing lyrics and composition and so on. Sometimes, I will post some satisfied works on the social media.
[02:43.43]No matter how many people agree with my perspective, currently maybe 1 or 2 people but I believe that is not forever.
[02:54.19]There must be people who think the same with me, I believe there must be people like the past of me who take win and lose seriously.
[03:04.94]I will be exploring a new and difference insight and deliver positive perspective maybe through book, travel or anythings.
[03:15.19]This is why, I created a personal blog called GSUZIM. It will be a platform to deliver message to everyone and explore the expression somethings like art which mysterious and puzzling like life.
[03:32.18]In the past, I put too much emphasis on winning or losing, I hope the latter, who has a broader perspective, will not repeat the same mistakes. “be formless, shapeless like water”-Bruce lee.