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Lrc Bts

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1981 - Bts [04:02.49] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[00:00.83](feat. Steve Aoki)
[00:01.50]Full of loneliness
[00:03.30]This garden is bloomed
[00:05.23]Full of thorns
[00:07.78]I hung myself in this sand castle
[00:18.30]What is your name
[00:20.33]Do you have a place to go
[00:22.52]Oh could you tell me?
[00:25.00]I saw you hidden in this garden
[00:34.29]And I know
[00:38.25]All of your warmth is true
[00:40.50]I want to hold
[00:44.53]Your hand picking the blue flower
[00:51.50]It’s my fate
[00:52.51]Don’t smile on me
[00:54.25]Light on me
[00:56.50]Because I can’t come to you
[01:00.50]There’s no name you can call me
[01:06.99]You know that I can’t
[01:08.99]Show you ME
[01:10.99]Give you ME
[01:13.26]I can’t show you a run-down part of myself
[01:17.50]I wear a mask again and go to see you
[00:0.00]But I still want you
[00:0.00]Bloomed in a garden of loneliness
[00:0.00]A flower that resembles you
[00:0.00]I wanted to give it to you
[00:0.00]After I take off this foolish mask
[00:0.00]But I know
[00:0.00]I can never do that
[00:0.00]I must hide
[00:0.00]Because I am ugly
[00:0.00]I am afraid
[00:0.00]I am run-down
[00:0.00]I’m so afraid
[00:0.00]That you will leave me again in the end
[00:0.00]I wear a mask again and go to see you
[00:0.00]What I can do is
[00:0.00]In the garden
[00:0.00]In this world
[00:0.00]I bloom a pretty flower that looks like you
[00:0.00]And breathe as the me that you know
[00:0.00]But I still want you
[00:0.00]I still want you
[00:0.00]Maybe back then
[00:0.00]A little
[00:0.00]Just this much
[00:0.00]If I got the courage to stand before you
[00:0.00]Would everything be different now
[00:0.00]I am crying at this
[00:0.00]Sand castle that’s left alone
[00:0.00]Looking at the broken mask
[00:0.00]And I still want you
[00:0.00]But I still want you
[00:0.00]But I still want you
[00:0.00]And I still want you